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Advertise with Careerinfos if you have tangible ideas or products to share with a large audience. Careerinfos delivers a variety of useful and fascinating articles to millions of people each month. Many of our readers are professionals, students, job seekers, future immigrants, scholarship seekers, or recent grads seeking for work.

Do you have any products or services that would be of interest to a large number of people? Then this website is an excellent means of disseminating the news about your company/ideas.

Why Advertise With Careerinfos?

Your advert will be displayed to over 2,000 000 new potential customers every month
Google accounts for more than 50% of all visits (your advert will be seen by a new audience every day, not by repeat readers who will mostly ignore it).

Profile of the Audience

The majority of our users found this blog after searching Google for information on scholarships, learnerships, jobs, immigration, and other valuable resources.

Because the majority of our traffic come from search engines, 50% of our visitors are first-time visitors. So, if your advertisement is seen by one group of people this month, another group of people will see it next month, giving your advertisement more exposure.

Careerinfos Adverts Rates

Here are some rates and open spaces for anyone interested in advertising on Careerinfos.

Banner Ads: We have an open place for your banner advertisement on our blog. This will cost USD 400 for three months. We guarantee that your banner advertisement will remain on our blog for three months.

Review or Promotional article post: We are open to post a review or promotional post on our blog. Please let us know what kind of review you’d like to see on our blog. This post will not be sticky, but it will stay on our blog archives indefinitely. The cost of these advertising is USD 200

Collaboration: We are willing to work with anyone who is willing to work with us. We do not have any fixed charges in this instance. We would be delighted to welcome you to an open collaborative dialogue.

Do you have anything additional besides what we listed? Do you think you could advertise differently on our blog? We would like to welcome you with your idea and budget.

Advert Slot Options

Header 728 x 90 and (350 x 100 for mobile) Banner
Left Sidebar 150 x 200 Banner
Right Sidebar 300 x 120 Banner
Sponsored Post
Background Takeover (Full Site Background)
Text link ads at the bottom of all posts
Targeted ad: An ad in a particular or targeted post page

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We welcome banner ads on our blog, which can be put in the sidebars as well as within the article itself.

If your product or service is appropriate for promotion on our website, we will send you our payment details. We’ll schedule your advertising to appear as soon as we receive notification of your payment.

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