Best Amazon Job Positions To Apply In 2024

Top Paying Roles At Amazon

Best Amazon job positions are considered the top paying roles in the company. Amazon, one of the world’s greatest online firms, is a $1.4 trillion tech behemoth that employs roughly one million people globally.

What is their mission? To be the most customer-focused corporation on the planet. Amazonians are the company’s employees. Regardless of their function, the organization seeks people who are committed to improving customer experience.

Recommended Amazon Job Roles To Apply For

If you want to be an “Amazonian,” there are thousands of available vacancies on the company’s website. Which of the best amazon job positions, should you apply for?

We analyzed best job positions at Amazon, including average wages for each role. Study this list to learn about various career prospects and their salary within Amazon.

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Top Paying Positions At Amazon

Job Position Average Salary P/A
Principal Business Development Manager $529,000
Solutions Architect $179,500-$192,500
Content Acquisition Manager $174,000
Associate Corporate Counsel $164,000
Senior Software Development Manager $163.000
Principal Product Manager $162,000
Art Director $127,000
Data Scientist  $120,000
Security Engineer $120,000
Senior Technical Recruiter $116,000
Software Engineer $115,000 – $145,000
Technical Writer $98,000 – $120,000
Learning Specialist $72,000 -$107,000

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Best Amazon Jobs And Thier Salary Package

1. Principal Business Development Manager

Average Salary: $529,000

Job Summary: You will oversee the entire business development process. This position requires 10+ years of sales and business development expertise.

2. Solutions Architect

Average Salary: $179,500-$192,500

Job Summary: At Amazon, a solutions architect can not only write code but also handle customer business challenges on a strategic level. Customers, engineering, product teams, and account managers will be your colleagues. You should have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Mathematics, or a related discipline, or equivalent experience.

3. Content Acquisition Manager

Average Salary: $174,000

Job Summary: As a content acquisition manager, you will work in an Amazon department such as Sync Licensing, Podcasts, or Amazon Studios. To be successful in this position, you must have prior expertise in account management, licensing, or business development.

4. Associate Corporate Counsel

Average Salary: $164,000

Job Summary: You will collaborate with the legal team and their business operations clients in this role. You’ll be in charge of organizing, developing, and negotiating complicated commercial agreements, such as those in technology, licensing, and marketing.

5. Senior Software Development Manager

Average Salary: $163,000

Job Summary: You’ll be responsible for building a strong engineering team, assisting with product feature launches, and collaborating with product managers, quality assurance leads, UX designers, and others to optimize product/market fit. To be considered for this role, you must have 10+ years of relevant engineering expertise and 5+ years of experience managing engineers and managers

6. Principal Product Manager

Average Salary: $162,000

Job Summary: As the primary product manager, you will be in charge of the full product development process, from design through post-launch. You will also write strategic papers and liaise with executives.

7. Art Director

Average Salary: $127,000

Job Summary: If you have 5+ years of experience as an art director in an advertising agency or in-house creative department, you could be an excellent fit for Amazon. This position entails creating campaigns and concepts for a range of platforms.

8. Data Scientist

Average Salary: $120,000

Job Summary: As a data scientist, you will solve business problems by leveraging data to build scientific and analytical solutions for Amazon, according to the job description. You will use large-scale data sets to discover and share business insights.

9. Security Engineer

Average Salary: $120,000

Job Summary: As a security engineer, you’ll collaborate with a team to create and implement security measures and protocols to protect against internal and external cyber-attacks. A Master’s degree in cybersecurity, information security, or a closely related technical field is preferred.

10. Senior Technical Recruiter

Average Salary: $116,000

Job Summary: As an Amazon senior technical recruiter, you will be looking for exceptional talent. Candidate talent discovery and engagement, recruiting strategy development, and benchmark and measure setting are all the job responsibilities for this role. It is necessary to have 5+ years of corporate and/or agency technical recruiting experience, including sourcing and complete life cycle recruiting.

11. Software Engineer

Average Salary: $115,000

Job Summary: All Amazon job function focuses on improving the customer experience, and software engineers are no exception. This position analyzes client feedback and assesses product marketing drafts in order to produce customer-centric software for the organization.

12. Technical Writer

Average Salary: $98,000

Job Summary: If you’re a strong technical writer with a passion for technology, this could be the job for you! A technical writer for Amazon works in a specialized department. You could, for example, be in charge of writing Amazon’s internal regulations or creating technical papers such as user guides.

13. Learning Specialist

Average Salary: $72,000 -$107,000

Job Summary: A learning specialist at Amazon is in charge of staff development as well as the execution and analysis of the company’s learning programs. To apply for this role, it is necessary to submit a résumé that demonstrates growth in Training/Learning Management over the last two years.

Having been acquainted with the best Amazon job positions, you pay want to complete Amazon job online application to land any of the top paying jobs at Amazon.

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