Amazon Assessments 2024

Amazon.Jobs Test Tips, Cheats and Hacks

Amazon assessments are usually the next phase for most applicants who scaled Amazon job applications. Amazon, along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, is one of the major five  tech brands. Competition for employment at Amazon is fierce, which comes as no surprise given the company’s diverse career offerings and global presence.

Completing Amazon Assessments

Amazon assessments are an important aspect of the company’s long hiring procedure. The particular combination of evaluations you will face depends on the role you apply for, but in general, you will face the following online assessments:

  • Aptitude tests – Verbal, numerical and logical reasoning
  • Working style assessment
  • Workplace simulation
  • Specialist assessments for roles such as maintenance technician, financial analyst, and IT coding.

Why Partake In Amazon Assessment?

The aforementioned evaluations are designed to examine each candidate’s suitability as an Amazon employee. Aside from qualifications and employment experience, they look for if you have the right talents and personality to fit the company’s culture.

Finally, Amazon needs employees who will not only perform well but will also be loyal to the organization in the long run.

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Amazon.Jobs Test Tips, Cheats and Hacks

The best method to prepare for any assessment is to rehearse the tests you’ll be taking and develop an effective plan for dealing with each sort of question. Listening to prior candidates’ experiences can be beneficial.

To get you started, here are some top Amazon assessment tips:

Verbal Reasoning

A verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to analyze written information, answer questions about it, make conclusions, and express yourself in writing.

Numerical Reasoning

During the numerical reasoning assessment, you will be given numerical data in the form of graphs and charts and asked to analyze the data in order to do a computation.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning problems require you to use the offered facts to derive patterns, sequences, rules, or relationships. A diagram is usually included with this type of task.

Work Style Assessment

The work style evaluation assesses your working preferences to determine whether or not you are a suitable fit for the job and corporate culture. You will be given two statements and asked to choose which one best describes your preferences.

Workplace Simulation

This evaluation simulates a situation you could encounter in the job you’ve applied for and asks you to complete a series of simulated tasks.

Amazon Assessment Centre Exercises

You may be required to attend an assessment center depending on the job you apply for.

You will meet other applicants who have applied for the same or similar opportunities on the day. This is your opportunity to stand out as an ideal applicant while also getting to know potential team members.

The kind of assessments you may encounter on the day will vary depending on the position you have applied for, but they may include the following:

Group Activities

This exercise evaluates your teamwork and leadership abilities. You will collaborate with a group of other candidates to complete an assignment.

Role-Play Exercise

This two-part activity requires you to first collaborate with another applicant to examine a data set presented to form a conclusion. The second stage requires you to participate in a role-playing exercise with an interviewer who plays the role of a customer. You will take on the role of an Amazon employee.

The goal of the role-playing exercise is to understand how you will react in scenarios similar to those you will encounter as an Amazon employee.

Written Case Study Exercise

Case study exercises are classified into two types: subject-related case studies that are relevant to the job you are applying for and generic case studies that measure your overall aptitude and skills. The Amazon case study exercise provides you with a candidate brief to examine and respond to.

How To Pass Amazon.Job Assessments

Here are some broad assessment ideas to assist you.

  1. Determine which assessments you will encounter. In addition to the assessments outlined in this article, you may be subjected to other tests such as the Manager in Operations evaluation or the Test for Warehouse.
  2. Use Amazon assessment papers to familiarize yourself and lessen exam anxiety. 
  3. Use the timed practice papers to improve your time management on test day.
  4. Using the results of your practice papers, identify your strengths and weaknesses. Is there anything you need to work on, such as your numerical reasoning? Spend more time working on your weaker areas.
  5. Analyze the job you’ve applied for as well as Amazon to learn more about the type of employee the company is looking for and the organization’s values.
  6. Take broad aptitude tests, use puzzle books, and read widely to brush up on your fundamental knowledge and skills.
  7. Attempt to get a decent night’s sleep on a regular basis. Maintain a nutritious diet. Get some exercise, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  8. Make sure you have a safe and reliable internet connection for at-home online examinations. Make every effort to avoid being disturbed during the assessment. Turn off your phone. Other distractions should be avoided. Request that your loved ones leave you alone during the assessment.

What To Expect After Participating In Amazon Assessment

In most circumstances, Amazon will notify you by email if they are proceeding with your application. You can also check your status in amazon application portal at any time.

Following the completion of the assessment, certain roles may require you to engage in a phone/virtual interview or come on-site for an in-person interview, allowing us to delve deeper into your abilities and experience and discover even more about you.

Conclusion – Hacks For Passing Amazon Assessment

The Amazon employment procedure and different assessments are rigorous and in-depth. Follow these top tips and completely prepare yourself for your next professional step to give yourself the best chance of success at Amazon. 

To ace amazon assessment, ensure you stick to the guidelines and formalities for assessment organized by below;

  1. Maintain a tranquil and relaxing environment free of distractions throughout your assessment.
  2. Examine the instructions carefully, as some evaluations must be completed by a specific deadline. 
  3. Amazon will not provide extensions if an assessment deadline is missed. Many assessments are also timed, so make sure to schedule enough time.
  4. All assessments require access to the internet, a computer with a stable connection, and email. Any additional technological requirements will be communicated to you in advance.
  5. All assessments must be completed by the applicant alone.

Amazon Job Online Application

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