How to Get a Work Visa in Dubai 2024

How To Apply For A Work Visa In Dubai

For expats wishing to work overseas and earn a lot of money, Dubai is a fantastic choice. There is a demand for qualified personnel in the most populous, modern, and liberal Emirate. If you are not a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, you will need to apply for a work visa in order to work in Dubai.

If you have a job in the UAE, this form of resident visa is relatively straightforward to get. Unfortunately, the global slump has had an impact on even opulent Dubai, as well as the UAE as a whole. As a result, the government has imposed foreign worker quotas, making it more difficult for expats to secure jobs.

Get a Work Visa in Dubai
Exploring Options To Secure A Work Visa

Secure a Residency Visa

It’s not a smart idea to immigrate to Dubai unless you already have a job lined up. Make sure you have a formal contract or a letter of employment from a Dubai employer. You will not be given residency until you have a job, which is necessary for everything else. You will be unable to obtain a work permit, open a bank account, rent a home, obtain a driver’s license, or purchase a vehicle.

There are various types of residence permits available:

UAE Residency Visas

Type Validity Period
Investor Visa Up to three years
Family Visa Up to two years
Employment Visa Up to two years
Student Visa One year
Domestic Helpers Visa One year

Requirement For A Residency Visa

If you have a job in Dubai, your company will normally arrange for your residence visa and work permits, as well as cover any charges.

However, in order to submit your application for a resident visa, you will need to provide the following items:

  1. employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labour
  2. completed application form
  3. original and a copy of your passport
  4. copy of the company’s valid commercial licence
  5. multiple passport-sized photos
  6. copy of a valid company card
  7. application fee

Undergo a Health Check

You’ll have to go through a rigorous medical examination at a government hospital or clinic before your visa may be approved. Blood tests and a chest X-ray are part of the process. Your application will be denied and you will be deported immediately if you test positive for any communicable illnesses, such as leprosy, tuberculosis, HIV, or AIDS.

Apply for a Work Permit

You must apply for a work permit after receiving your work visa. Your employer will take care of this for you and cover all expenses. All work permit forms, as well as the contents of your job contract, must be written in Arabic.

You’ll need the following to get a work permit:

  1. Valid passport with at least six months’ validity
  2. Residency visa
  3. Qualification that is required in the UAE

The following documents must be submitted with your work visa application:

  1. A current photograph of yourself
  2. Valid health certificate
  3. Three copies of your employment contract, signed by you and your employer
  4. Your passport and residency visa
  5. A copy of your employer’s company trade licence
  6. Copies of your professional qualifications

What To Avoid

Please be aware that if you have previously obtained a work visa in Dubai and have not revoked it, you may be detained upon your return to the UAE. As a result, make sure to revoke your work visa before leaving the country.

High-points On Applying For A Working Visa In Dubai

When you consider all of the processes that must be done and the country’s sponsorship structure, it’s a tough process. However, because your company will manage the majority of the procedure for you and will be well-versed in it, you will not have to deal with any of the bureaucratic complexities.

Have you worked in Dubai before? How did you go about obtaining a work visa? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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