Sweden Work Visas And Permit 2024

Applying For Sweden Work Visas And Permit

Sweden Work Visas And Permit is now available for application. All workers in Sweden who are not nationals of a neighboring Nordic country must get a Sweden work visa and permit. There are several requirements for work permits that apply to all citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). This phase could cause delays in your operational plans or compliance issues if you don’t know how to obtain a work visa in Sweden.

Types of Work Visas in Sweden

There are two types of work visas for immigrants in Sweden. 

  1. EU Blue Card
  2. Intra Corporate Transfer (ICT) Permit

Before entering Sweden, any citizen of the EEA and outside the EU must first have a job offer and a work permit. An employee cannot live or work in Sweden without a valid working visa. Employees can be qualified for an EU Blue Card or Intra Corporate Transfer (ICT) Permit depending on their line of work or country of residence.

EU Blue Card

For highly trained professionals, an EU Blue Card is a combined work and residence visa. A university degree, five years of professional work experience, or employment in a certain profession are requirements for applicants.

Learn How To Process EU Blue Card

Intra Corporate Transfer (ICT) Permit

ICT permits should be requested by expats who are moving to the Swedish branch of a company from outside the EU. This option, though, is only available to workers in managerial or specialized jobs.

Jobseekers Visas In Sweden

A new residence permit for highly qualified job seekers, start-ups, and people seeking to launch businesses in Sweden was recently announced by Sweden. see how to apply for Sweden Jobseekers visas.

Requirements to Obtain A Work Visa in Sweden

To obtain a work visa in Sweden, both companies and individuals must fulfill certain conditions listed below:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Job offer with terms equal to Swedish collective agreements or the occupation’s standard
  3. A monthly salary of at least 13,000 SEK before taxes or a salary on par with the position
  4. Employment offer with health insurance, life insurance, and social security
  5. Proof of accommodation
  6. Intention to leave the country once the employment contract ends
  7. Please note that a work permit must now be issued with a signed employment contract.

Schengen Visa Options For Immigrants

Recruiting Immigrants For Jobs In Sweden

To recruit a foreign national for jobs in Sweden, all employers must also fulfill outlined prerequisites. For instance, the employment had to have been advertised for at least ten days in the EU/EEA. It must also contain words that are comparable to those used in comparable Swedish jobs.

Application Process For A Work Visa In Sweden

Regardless of the kind of visa, the procedures for obtaining a work visa in Sweden generally involve the following:

A job offer:

Once the appropriate trade union has given its permission for the position and pay, you should submit a written job offer to an employee. The length of the job contract, which will decide how long the visa will last, must be specified in the offer.

Starting the application:

Employers are required to begin the Swedish Migration Agency’s online visa application process. The employee’s birth date, citizenship details, educational background, and email address are required.

Receiving an email:

The applicant will receive an email to start their side of the procedure after the Swedish Migration Agency has started processing the application. They must specify whether they are relocating alone or with a family.

Submitting The Necessary Paperwork

A copy of the employee’s passport, an employment offer, and a union statement are required.

Paying The Work Visa Fee:

The average price of a work permit is 2,000 SEK, or roughly $200.

Awaiting The Issuance of Sweden Work Visa/Permit

The majority of foreigners who work for Swedish firms must wait one to three months to receive their work permits. However, depending on the sector they work in, whether they submitted their application online or in person, and whether they are self-employed or hired by a firm, the wait time may differ.

Additional Crucial Points For Processing Work Visa In Sweden

Remember that a work permit differs from a residency permit. EU nationals are granted the right to live there automatically, but they must register with the Swedish Tax Agency. Depending on how long they intend to stay, anyone from a non-EU/EEA nation must obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit.

How To Apply For A Job In Sweden

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