UNILAG JUPEB Courses and Subject Combinations 2024

University of Lagos Foundation Programme Subject Combinations

UNILAG JUPEB Courses and Subject Combinations 2024UNILAG JUPEB (Foundation Programme) Courses and Subject combinations

The UNILAG JUPEB (Foundation Programme) Courses and Subject combinations are well outlined in this article to assist aspirants in filling their UNILAG JUPEB Admission Form correctly. Also contained in this article are courses taught at the partnering Foreign Universities for the programme.

The article will also help aspirants to determine their eligibility status for their choice of course, hence it is imperative for all aspirants intending to fill the UNILAG JUPEB (Foundation Programme) Admission form to peruse through this article.


UNILAG JUPEB (Foundation Programme) Subject Combination

Contained in the table below is UNILAG JUPEB subject combination and its respective designation.

1. Accounting_Business Studies_Economics SFS01
2. Accounting_Economics_Geography SFS02
3. Accounting_Economics_Government SFS03
4. Visual Arts_Christian Reglious Studies_Government SFS04
5. Visual Arts_Christian Reglious Studies _Music SFS05
6. Visual Arts _Government _Music SFS06
7. Visual Arts _Literature In English_Music SFS07
8. Visual Arts _Mathematics_Physics SFS08
9. Biology_Chemistry_Physics SFS09
10. Biology_Economics_Government SFS11
11. Biology_Economics_Literature In English SFS12
12. Biology_Mathematics_Physics SFS13
13. Business Studies_Economics_Government SFS14
14. Chemistry_Economics_Mathematics SFS15
15. Chemistry_Physics_Mathematics SFS16
16. Christian Reglious Studies _French_ Literature In English SFS17
17. Christian Reglious Studies _ Government _Music SFS18
18. Christian Reglious Studies _ Government _Yoruba SFS19
19. Christian Reglious Studies _Governmen_Igbo SFS20
20. Christian Reglious Studies _ Literature In English_History SFS21
21. Christian Reglious Studies _ Literature In English _Music SFS22
22. Economics _Geography_ Government SFS23
23. Economics _ Government _Islamic Studies SFS24
24. Economics _ Government _ Literature In English SFS25
25. Economics _ Mathematics _Physics SFS26
26. French_ Government _Islamic Studies SFS27
27. French_History_Islamics Studies SFS28
28. Government _ Christian Reglious Studies _Economics SFS29
29. Government _History_Islamics Studies SFS30
30. Government _ Literature In English _History SFS31
31 Government_ Literature In English _Music SFS32
32. History_ Government _ Christian Reglious Studies SFS33
33. Islamic Studies_ Government _ Literature In English SFS34
34. Literature In English _ Government _ Christian Reglious Studies SFS35
35. Literature In English _History_Islamics Studies SFS36
36. Mathematics_Geography_Economics SFS37
37. Mathematics_Physics_Geography SFS38
38. Government_Islamic Studies_Economics SFS39
39. Biology_Chemistry_Economics SFS40
40. Visual Arts_Government_Islamics Studies SFS41
41. Visual Arts_ Christian Reglious Studies _History SFS42

Courses Offered in UNILAG JUPEB (Foundation Programme)

In line with the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) Syllabus, the School of Foundation Studies will provide an intensive one year taught subjects for admission  into the University of Lagos.

Outlined  is the list of courses offered in the UNILAG JUPEB (Foundation Programme)

  • Foundation In Accounting.
  • Foundation In Actuarial Science.
  • Foundation In Adult Education.
  • Foundation In Architecture.
  • Foundation In Biochemistry.
  • Foundation In Biology Education.
  • Foundation In Botany.
  • Foundation In Building.
  • Foundation In Business Administration.
  • Foundation In Business Education.
  • Foundation In Cell Biology & Genetics.
  • Foundation In Chemical Engineering.
  • Foundation In Chemistry.
  • Foundation In Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  • Foundation In Computer Engineering.
  • Foundation In Computer Sciences.
  • Foundation In Dentistry.
  • Foundation In Early Childhood Education.
  • Foundation In Economics.
  • Foundation In Economics Education.
  • Foundation In Educational Administration.
  • Foundation In Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  • Foundation In English.
  • Foundation In English Education.
  • Foundation In Estate Management.
  • Foundation in Finance.
  • Foundation In Fisheries.
  • Foundation in French.
  • Foundation In Geograph.
  • Foundation In Geography Education.
  • Foundation In Geology.
  • Foundation In Geophysics.
  • Foundation In Guidance & Counselling.
  • Foundation In History & Strategic Studies.
  • Foundation In Home Economics.
  • Foundation In Human Kinetic & Health Education.
  • Foundation In Industrial Relations & Personel Management.
  • Foundation In Insurance.
  • Foundation In Integrated Science.
  • Foundation In Law.
  • Foundation In Marine Biology.
  • Foundation In Mass Communication.
  • Foundation In Materials & Metallurgical Engineering.
  • Foundation In Mathematics.
  • Foundation In Mathematics Education.
  • Foundation In Mechanical Engineering.
  • Foundation In Medical Laboratory Sciences.
  • Foundation In Medicine & Surgery.
  • Foundation In Microbiology.
  • Foundation In Music.
  • Foundation In Nursing Sciences.
  • Foundation In Petroleum & Gas Engineering.
  • Foundation In Pharmacology.
  • Foundation In Pharmacy.
  • Foundation in Philosophy.
  • Foundation In Physics.
  • Foundation In Physics Education.
  • Foundation In Physiology.
  • Foundation In Physiotherapy.
  • Foundation In Political Science.
  • Foundation In Psychology.
  • Foundation In Quantity Surveying.
  • Foundation In Radiography.
  • Foundation In Russian.
  • Foundation In Sociology.
  • Foundation In Sports Science.
  • Foundation In Surveying & Geoinformatics.
  • Foundation In Systems Engineering.
  • Foundation In Theatre Arts.
  • Foundation In Urban & Regional Planning.
  • Foundation In Visual Arts.
  • Foundation in Yoruba.
  • Foundation in Zoology.


UNILAG JUPEB Foreign Partnering Universities And Their Courses


1.) SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY, CHINA, PROGRAMME: Medicine (only) Enquiries – +234-9093621958; +234-8086757464

2.)UNIVERSITY OF BEDFORDSHIRE (U.K.) PROGRAMMES: (Enquiries +234-9093621958; +234-806757464)

Accounting, Advertising, Biomedical Science, Business Studies, Computer Science, General Media Studies (Mass Communication), Law, Marketing and Psychology.

3.)UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL LANCASHIRE (U.K.) PROGRAMMES: (Enquiries: +234-9093621958; +234-8086757464)

Business Related Programmes: Business Administration, Business Studies, Business Information Systems or Technology, International Business, International Fashion Management, Management and Marketing, Marketing, Marketing and Business Management, Business Operations Management, Retail Management (with options).

Economics-Related Programes:  Economics, Business Economics

Law-Related Programmes:  Law, Human Rights, Law and Criminology.

Construction-Related Programmes:  Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying, Construction Project Management, Facilities Management, Building Services and Sustainable Engineering, Architecture..

4.)UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND (UWE), BRISTOL (Enquiries – +234-9093621958; 234-8086757464)

Science-Related Programmes: Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Human Biology, Conservation Biology, Sports Science, Forensic Science, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry.

Engineering-Related Programmes: Aerospace Engr., Mechanical Engr., Motorsport Engr., Electrical & Electronic Engr., Computer Science, Construction Management, Civil Engr., Architectural Design.

Environmental Sciences Related Programmes: Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Architectural Design Technology.

5.)UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM PROGRAMMES  (Enquiries–+234-9093621958; +234-8086757464)

Chemical Engr, Civil Engr, Electrical & Electronics Engr, Mechanical Engr, Materials Science and Technology

6.)DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY PROGRAMMES  (Enquiries–+234-9093621958; +234-8086757464)

Art, Design and Architecture; Business and Management; Computing Sciences; Creative Technologies and Media; Engineering; Health, Society and Community; Humanities; Law; Life Sciences; Music; Performance Arts and Arts and Festivals Management.

IMPORTANT: UNILAG Admission Requirement

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