Countries With The Most Immigrants

Top Immigrants Countries

Countries with the most immigrants has been recently published by the International Organisation for Migration.

Immigrants make up a high part of the population in some countries.

According to the UN’s “Trends in International Migration” report, 3.3 percent of the world’s population resides in a country other than their birth country. This is a greater percentage than in 1960, when it was 2.6 percent. With approximately 46 million immigrants, the United States boasts the world’s biggest immigrant population. Germany has the second-largest population, with 12 million people, while Russia has the third-largest population, with 11 million people.

The following is a list of the nations with the highest immigrant populations.

Top Immigrants Countries By Numbers

1. The United States – 46,627,102

The United States is unlike any other country in the world when it comes to immigration. Except for Native Americans, all Americans may trace their ancestors to somewhere other than the United States. Mexico, India, China, and the Philippines are the main source countries for immigration to the United States. In the United States, however, people from nearly every country on the planet are represented. As a result, the country is one of the most multicultural in the world. Learn how to enter the U.S

2. Germany – 12,005,690

After the United States, Germany has the world’s largest immigrant population. Many high-skilled immigrants from all around the world flock to Germany. The government encourages this to account for the country’s sluggish population growth. Turkey (14.9 percent), Poland (8.2%), Syria (6.6 percent), and Italy (6.1 percent) are the top contributors for immigration to Germany.

3. Russia – 11,643,276

Russia, the world’s largest country, is also the world’s ninth most populous, with over 100 million people. Immigrants account for 11 million of that population. Because Russia has a low birth rate, immigration is the primary driver of population increase. The bulk of Russian immigrants come from neighboring countries and former Soviet republics such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. Anyone, however, can move to Russia if they can demonstrate proficiency in Russian and have lived there for at least five years.

4. Saudi Arabia 10,185,945

Saudi Arabia is home to more than ten million immigrants. The majority of individuals travel to Saudi Arabia to work in the oil sector, with the majority coming from India, Syria, Pakistan, and the Philippines as source countries.

5. United Kingdom – 8,543,120

Foreign-born persons account for more than 8 million people in the United Kingdom. Migration accounts for a large portion of the population increase in the United Kingdom, as it does in many other industrialized countries. Immigrants from India, Poland, and Pakistan make up the largest groups in the United Kingdom. The European Union accounts for a high percentage of immigrants in the United Kingdom. Explore easy ways to immigrate to the UK.

Countries By Percentage Of Immigrants

These nations may have the most immigrants, but they may not necessarily have the greatest immigrant populations. The following nations have the highest percentage of immigrants in their population: United Arab Emirates (83.7%), Qatar (73.8%), Kuwait (70%), and Monaco (64.2 percent).

Countries With The Largest Immigrant Populations

List Of  Top Immigrants Countries

Rank Country Foreign-Born Population
1 United States 46,627,102
2 Germany 12,005,690
3 Russia 11,643,276
4 Saudi Arabia 10,185,945
5 United Kingdom 8,543,120
6 United Arab Emirates 8,095,126
7 Canada 7,835,502
8 Australia 7,787,057
9 France 7,784,418
10 Spain 5,947,106

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