How to Enter the U.S

Procedures for Entering the United States

How to Enter the U.S seems confusing most times as there are lot of bogus information about the immigration process. Discover the most popular forms of U.S visas for business, student, and travel that you may require when visiting or traveling through the United States, as well as what additional papers you may require to enter the U.S. (United States). You may also learn how to apply for an immigrant visa.

Apply For a Visa

The United States Department of State makes available visas tips to foreign citizens going to the United States through its embassies or consulates. If you are a citizen of one of the 39 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program, you do not require a visa for your business meeting or vacation.

Most Commonly Requested U.S. Visas

The sort of visa you require to enter the U.S (United States) will be determined by your reason for the trip. The following are some of the most often sought visas:

  1. Immigrant visa – Required for permanent residency
  2. Visitor visas Required for tourism or business
  3. Fiancé(e) visa- Required to marry your United States citizen fiancé(e), and relocate to the U.S.
  4. Visas for students – Required to Study in the U.S.
  5. Business or professional visas for citizens of Canada and Mexico
  6. Transit visa – Required for traveling through the U.S. enroute to visit another country

How to Enter the United States of America

How to Enter the U.S.
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Procedures for Entering the United States

As part of the entrance procedure, you must show proper travel documents when you arrive in the United States. The papers required, as well as whether your passport must be valid for six months after your trip dates, are determined by the country from where you are traveling and your nationality or status.

Arrival of travelers from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda

The Western Hemisphere Travel Strategy encompasses land, sea, and air travel from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda:

  • To enter the United States, American citizens must provide a valid passport, U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler Program card, or an upgraded driver’s license. If you have any queries, contact your carrier to find out if a specific paperwork is required.
  • A Permanent Resident Card is required for all lawful permanent residents of the United States. There is no need for a passport.
  • Citizens of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda can get the appropriate travel papers from the Department of Homeland Security under the category of “land and sea entry.”

Arrival From Other Countries Into The U.S

All travelers/immigrants to the United States from foreign nations must provide a passport upon arrival.
Permanent citizens and foreign nationalities may also require a visa to enter the United States. Before you begin your trip, you must apply for a visa.

Apply for an Immigrant Visa

Every year, over a million people get Green Cards, which designate them as new permanent residents of the United States. Many of these folks enter the United States through an immigrant visa.

Top Types of United States Immigrant Visas

The majority of immigrants who enter the United States on an immigrant visa get one of the following types:

  • Family-based visa:For persons who have a family member who is a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Employment-based visas: often need a work offer from a U.S. firm. You may want to explore United States Work Visas

Key Steps for Obtaining a U.S Immigrant Visa

  • For most instances, you must have someone “sponsor” you or file an immigrant petition on your behalf.
  • When your petition is accepted and a visa in your category is available, you apply for an immigrant visa. This is done through a U.S. consulate abroad.
  • Get a medical checkup.
  • Attend an interview.
  • You will then be notified of the outcome of your application.

The Diversity Visa Lottery program is another option for obtaining an immigrant visa. This program allows citizens of countries with low rates of immigration to the United States to compete in an annual lottery for an immigrant visa.

Steps To Take After You Get Your U.S. Immigrant Visa

  1. After receiving your immigrant visa, you must pay a USCIS immigrant fee before receiving your Green Card. The ideal time to pay the money is after you receive your immigrant visa from the US embassy and before you enter the United States (USA).
  2. After you get your immigrant visa, you will be given a sealed package of documentation to provide to officials at the port of entry into the United States.
  3. If you pass inspection, you will be accepted as a permanent resident of the United States and
  4. You will get your Green Card in the mail.

When Should I Apply For A Green Card?

You don’t need to apply for an immigrant visa to become a permanent resident. Instead, you can apply for a Green Card through a adjustment of status**. You will not have to return to your native country to finish visa procedures this way.

Key Steps To Apply For A Green Card

  • You must have someone “sponsor” you or file an immigration petition on your behalf.
  • Apply for a Green Card from within the United States, once your petition is accepted and a visa in your category is available.
  • You must undergo a medical check.
  • Attend an interview.
  • You should wait for a decision on your application.

Refugees and Asylum Immigration Options


These are individuals who have fled their homeland for a number of reasons, including persecution (or the threat of persecution) and conflict, in order to seek refuge elsewhere.

Contact the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or another international nonprofit volunteer agency if you feel you require refugee protection.

The U.S. government alongside other federal agencies are involved in the refugees’ immigration into the country. The Refugee Admissions Program covers the resettlement process and the arrival of refugees.


Refugees can seek asylum as a measure of protection. To obtain asylum in the United States, you must satisfy specific criteria. After obtaining asylum in the United States, you must: get permission to bring your spouse and children to the United States; and become a permanent resident.

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