Highest Paying Companies In The UK

25 Highest Paying Companies in the UK

Most job seekers and experienced employees looking to change jobs are concerned about the highest paying companies in the UK. The yearly pay study revealing the 25 Highest Paying Companies in the UK is revealed in this credible article, which is based on genuine job and company information.

There are eight investment banks on the list, as well as seven technology companies and five consultancy businesses. Continue reading to learn more about highest paying companies in the United Kingdom (UK).

Highest Paying Jobs In The UK With No Degrees Needed

The 25 Highest Paying Companies in the UK

S/N Job Median Total Compensation Median Base Salary Industry
1 Salesforce £100,000 £73,038 Tech
2 Man Group £93,620 £85,312 Investment Banking
3 Kearney £90,661 £83,917 Consulting
4 Standard Chartered Bank £90,000 £80,331 Investment Banking
5 Credit Suisse £87,500 £78,000 Investment Banking
6 Facebook £86,423 £78,953 Tech
7 VMware £85,625 £75,000 Tech
8 G-Research £85,468 £80,441 Tech
9 McKinsey & Company £85,160 £84,000 Consulting
10 RBC £85,000 £70,000 Banking
11 Spotify £83,500 £72,914 Tech
12 UBS £80,662 £73,000 Investment Banking
13 Daishi Bank £80,588 £75,551 Banking
14 ServiceNow £80,104 £75,463 Tech
15 Deutsche Bank £80,000 £75,984 Investment Banking
16 Macquarie Group £80,000 £65,478 Investment Banking
17 Mastercard £80,000 £75,000 Finance
18 MS Amlin £78,070 £76,840 Insurance
19 SAP £77,615 £70,514 Tech
20 Boston Consulting Group £77,000 £65,478 Consulting
21 Bain & Company £76,914 £69,500 Consulting
22 Moorhouse Consulting £76,500 £55,000 Consulting
23 J.P. Morgan £75,914 £69,137 Investment Banking
24 Revolut £75,829 £70,514 Finance
25 BlackRock £75,829 £68,000 Asset Management

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