Highest Paying Jobs in the UK With No Degree Needed

Top Paying No Degree Jobs In The United Kingdom

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK With No Degree Needed – There are several reasons why you might wish to obtain a high-paying job without a university degree, whether you decide to change jobs later in life or just discover that the standard academic road is not for you.

It’s astonishing how many high-paying jobs are available without a degree. Others have developed alternate pathways such as vocational training, while other professions prioritize experience and a demonstrated track record above degrees on paper.

As you go up the corporate ladder, your degree will frequently become less important as your work experience takes precedence.

We crunched the figures based on real-world pay rates to come up with what we feel are the highest-paying jobs in the UK with no degree needed.

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Highest Paying Jobs in the UK With No Degree Needed

S/N Jobs Average Salary
1 SAP Consultant £64,195
2 Strategy Manager £64,108
3 Back-End Engineer £61,507
4 Programme Manager £61,003
5 Risk Manager £57,105
6 Group Manager £55,913
7 Management Consultant £55,856
8 HR Business Partner £54,872
9 Scrum Master £54,306
10 Delivery Manager £53,939
11 Product Manager £53,002
12 Product Owner £52,324
13 Finance Manager £52,316
14 Regional Manager £51,809
15 Strategy Consultant £51,564
16 Commercial Manager £51,345
17 Regional Sales Manager £50,895
18 Security Manager £41,895
19 Security Consultant £41,851
20 Quality Control Manager £39,157

Is a college degree required to land a high-paying job?

It’s tempting to think that a degree is required for a high-paying job, but unless you plan to work in a typically academic sector, an extra three to four years of experience may be a wonderful leveler.

This list demonstrates that there is untapped potential. So, if you have a love for a certain industry or can demonstrate the soft skills required to succeed in a senior position, you may be closer than you think to earning that life-changing salary. Learn about  Most In-Demand Jobs in the UK.

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