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Tips On How To Land Jobs In London

Finding jobs in London is much easier with this guide. Learn about the current job market in London, open positions, work visa requirements in the UK, and where to look for job vacancies.

There are many options for foreign employees in London if you’re seeking for work in the UK. The capital of the United Kingdom was named the finest city in the world for job prospects. Keep reading to learn more on Finding jobs in London

Work in London

London Job Market

Despite having more work options than other regions of the UK, London has a significantly higher unemployment rate. This accounts for why finding jobs in London could be difficult at times.

Due to the diversity of its economy, London offers excellent chances in highly skilled fields like banking (particularly in the City of London’s Square Mile, Canary Wharf, and the financial district), ICT, creative and media, scientific and technical employment, and senior management positions. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities in the public sector, retail, healthcare, education, transportation, and construction.

List Biggest Companies In The UK

London is home to some of the largest businesses in the UK, including:

  1. BHP
  2. BT
  3. GlaxoSmithKline
  4. HSBC
  5. Unilever
  6. Royal Dutch Shell
  7. Rio Tinto

Available jobs in London

The number of London-based firms who are unable to fill open positions because of a skills gap has more than doubled. The industries with the worst shortages in recent years have been:

healthcare (*NHS jobs)

However, there is a lot of competition for jobs in London, with hundreds of applications submitted for a single opening.

If the position is on the UK government’s list of shortage occupations in England and Wales, you will have a better chance of landing it.

Work Environment & Culture In London

London is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, and the workplace and workforce reflect this. Nearly 60% of the workforce in inner London is highly educated, with a university degree. Because there are so many qualified individuals available, graduates are increasingly working in non-graduate positions.

London employees are entitled to a minimum wage, and many receive the £10.75/hour London Living Wage.

Visas and work permits

Although there are few exceptions, most citizens of developing countries require a visa in order to enter and work in the UK. There are many visas with various requirements; for instance, highly qualified immigrants require a Tier 2 (general) visa, which calls for a certificate of sponsorship from an employer prior to entering the UK.

Learn more in our guides to UK work Visas 

London Official Language

To secure a well-paying, professional job in London, you must have excellent English communication skills. Having a second language in addition to English can help you because London is a multilingual city where many locals and visitors speak various languages. Speaking English is not a must if you want a casual employment, although the compensation and working conditions might not be great.

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How To Validate Your Credentials To Be Recognized in London

To have your credentials and skills recognized in London and the UK, contact UK NARIC. You can submit an application for a Statement of Compatibility by using scanned versions of your educational certificates and a transcript of your full academic record from your college or uni. Although UK NARIC accepts documents in some languages, you might need to have these translated into English by a professional translator

Finding jobs in London

Aspirants are encouraged to visit any of the listed sites, to search for job openings in London.

General Job websites in London


How To Apply For A UK Spousal Visa

Specialist job websites in London

Job Website Type of Job Openings
CharityJob various professional and admin jobs in the charity sector
City Jobs banking, finance, accounting, insurance
Cision journalism and PR
Graduate Jobs  
Nannyjob au pairs and nannies in London and beyond
SECSinthecity secretarial
SimplyHRjobs HR
Studentjob part-time for students
TravelJobSearch travel

Recruitment Agencies in London

The majority of employment agencies focus on a single industry, like secretarial, accounting, nursing, catering, or IT. To find a London recruitment agency in the appropriate industry, check the Yellow Pages or visit the UK Recruitment & Employment Confederation website.

You might choose to register with a headhunter if you are an executive, manager, or professional. Large corporations use these agencies to recruit candidates for senior jobs. You may discover a lot of headhunters in London by conducting an internet search.

Searching For Government Jobs In London

You can use the UK government’s Find A Job website to look for government jobs and submit applications for jobs in London. To help you find jobs in London that are a good fit for you, you can generate or upload your resume and cover letter, set up email notifications, and track your applications.

Finding Jobs On Newspapers

The following newspapers offer professional positions around the UK:

Jobs Advertised In Newspapers

Newspaper Available Job Openings
Guardian Online arts, media, tech/new media, charities, graduate, marketing and PR, social and health, senior executive, education and recruitment
The Independent media, public sector, tech/new media, finance/accounting, engineering, marketing
The Telegraph professional across the sectors
The Times/Sunday Times senior positions
The Big Issue magazine jobs in the charity and not-for-profit sector

Working As An Au Pair In London

For about 30 hours per week, au pairs live with the family and assist with light housework and childcare. This is in exchange for remuneration of roughly £70 to £85 per week or more, depending on the host family’s size and where they reside in London.

Requirements To Work As An Au Pair

You require a UK student visa or a youth mobility visa if you are a non-EU national in order to work as an au pair. You can check through listings on Childcare UK from families looking for au pairs in London or through an organization like AuPairWorld or one accredited by the British Au Pair Agencies Association (BAPAA).

How To Network in London

Social media not only allows you to connect with people in your field, but headhunters also utilize it to locate qualified candidates. They frequently visit LinkedIn (so keep your profile updated)

Make as many contacts as you can both before and after arriving in London, and make use of them.

Make it known that you are looking for work. Attend conferences, forums, social gatherings, and professional networking events.

Sending a CV and cover letter to firms on a speculative basis is another option. 

Tips For Landing A Job In London

  1. When applying for a job, try to write to a specific individual; you can find out who that is by visiting company websites or by calling the business.
  2. Even though it doesn’t seem relevant to the job, if you speak more than one language, make sure to list it on your resume because being bilingual in multicultural London is really advantageous.
  3. Ensure sure to state that you are able to work legally in the UK.
  4. Unless they have their own online application form, many employers in London will want complete CVs and covering letters even for lower-level jobs.
  5. If you’re applying for a specific job, make sure you address the requirements listed in the “person specification.”
  6. Applications are frequently oversubscribed at companies, so don’t take it personally if you don’t get a response.
  7. It’s acceptable to get in touch with HR to inquire about your application if you haven’t heard anything within a few weeks after the application deadline.
  8. Consider some difficult work scenarios and how you handled them as you get ready for an interview. Prepare some thought-provoking inquiries as well to demonstrate your interest in the position.

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