Highest-Paying Jobs in Australia

Explore Best Paid Jobs In Australia

Highest-paying jobs in Australia span across a good number of industries in Australia. Are you thinking about relocating to Australia to job hunt for work? Then keep reading to learn about the highest-paying careers in Australia.

Working In Australia

Many people relocate to Australia in search of a slower-paced, more relaxed lifestyle. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is pleasant, and a healthy work-life balance is promoted. With lots of work advantages including five weeks annual leave, long service leave, and paid sick leave, it’s no surprise you’re thinking about immigrating to Australia.

However, Australia has much more to offer than beautiful beaches and a better work-life balance. There are also a variety of well-paid jobs to pick from.

Highest-Paying Jobs In Australia

Do you want to find out how relocating to Australia may help you financially? We’ve got your back. To compile this thorough list, we combed through a variety of sources, including Michael Page’s rating of Australia’s best-paid jobs.

Highest-Paying Jobs In Australia
Seeking Highest-Paying Jobs In Australia

Continue reading to learn about the highest-paying jobs in Australia.

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

NO Job Role Average Salary Pounds/USD Eqv.
1 In-House General Counsel AU$400,000 £218,840 / $298,710
2 General manager AU$350,000 £191,480 / $261,370
3 Company secretary AU$342,500 £187,370 / $255,770
4 Head of operations AU$325,000 £177,800 / $242,700
5 Investment director AU$300,000 £164,120 / $224,010
6 Chief technology officer AU$300,000 £164,120 / $224,010
7 Head of technology AU$300,000 £164,120 / $224,010
8 Chief financial officer AU$280,000 £153,170 / $209,060
9 Portfolio manager AU$280,000 153,170 / $209,090
10 Head of compliance AU$277,500 £151,800 / $207,230

Source: Michael Page

1. In-House General Counsel

Average annual salary: AU$400,000 (£218,840 / $298,710)
In-house general counsel’s responsibilities include implementing strategy, communicating risks and legal considerations involved in decision-making to relevant senior management, and understanding corporate pressure points. As a lawyer, you must offer timely advise to your employer in order to avoid legal problems for the company.

Requirement for the role of an In-house general counsel
Relevant legal education, including a master’s degree, is required for a position as an in-house general counsel.

Before taking on this profession, you should have a lot of experience in the sector. Fortunately, there are numerous legal positions available, so you should be able to find one that is a good fit for you as you work your way up to this position.

2. General Manager

Average annual salary: AU$350,000 (£191,480 / $261,370)
General managers are executives who are critical to increasing a company’s production.

The general manager’s job is to create a positive work environment, implement objectives and goals, determine the most efficient use of resources, and develop talent inside the company.

3. Company Secretary

Average annual salary: AU$342,500 (£187,370 / $255,770)
Company secretaries provide support to the organization’s board of directors. They make sure that policies and procedures are followed, as well as ensuring board agendas and briefings are completed on schedule.

To guarantee smooth communication throughout the firm, all directors collaborate with the company secretary.

Requirement for the role of a Company Secretary
This position may be right for you if you have a knack for organization and related industry expertise.

4. Head of Operations

Average annual salary: AU$325,000 (£177,800 / $242,700)
Working with senior management to establish strategies and accomplish SMART goals, maintaining compliance with the law and other regulatory laws, and monitoring the business’s operations are all critical tasks for a head of operations.

Requirement for the role of Head of Operations
This position requires a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a comparable subject. You’ll also require at least 10 years of senior leadership experience, a track record of managing operational procedures, and a thorough understanding of industry laws. This position would be ideal for someone with experience in customer service.

5. Investment Director

Average annual salary: AU$300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)
Investment directors are in charge of all capital-raising choices made by a company. They frequently lead transaction teams, are in charge of the execution process, and play a vital role in raising capital.

Requirement for the role of an Investment Director
To be considered for this position, you must have at least five years of experience and extra finance credentials, such as a finance degree.

6. Chief Technology Officer

Average annual salary: AU$300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)
The chief technology officer (CTO) is in charge of initiating and overseeing the spread of technology to clients, vendors, and other enterprises. They frequently have a background in information technology and use technology to improve the customer experience for clients and vendors.

Requirement for the role of A Chief Technology Officer

A bachelor’s degree in IT and more than 10 years of industry experience are frequently required for this position.

7. Head of Technology

Average annual salary: AU$300,000 (£164,120 / $224,010)
A company’s head of technology is in charge of overseeing the application of new technologies. They are in charge of setting SMART goals for software, storage, and other technology projects. The need for this position has risen dramatically as the information technology era has progressed.

Requirement for the role of Head of Technology
To be considered for this position, you may need relevant job experience, extra licenses, and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, depending on the organization for which you are applying, the admission criteria may differ. Pursuing an education in information technology, a passion for data analysis, and gaining industrial experience, on the other hand, are all good measures that might help you thrive in this position.

8. Chief Financial Officer

Average annual salary: AU$280,000 (£153,170 / $209,060)
A chief financial officer (CFO) is in charge of the financial and operational aspects of a company. The CFO collaborates with the CEO and other members of senior management to help the company achieve financial success. In order to excel in this profession, you must have a strong understanding of metrics, key performance indicators, data analysis, and business operations.

Requirement for the role of a Chief Financial Officer
A bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance, or a similar field can help you get started on your path to becoming a CFO. Relevant industry expertise as an accountant or in a leadership role will assist you in moving laterally through the organization to this position.

9. Portfolio Manager

Average annual salary: AU$280,000 (£153,170 / $209,090)
One of the most rewarding occupations in the Australian banking business is portfolio management. A portfolio manager focuses on the analytical side of finance and is primarily responsible for establishing investment strategies and maintaining investment portfolios for investors.

Requirement for the role of a Portfolio Manager
This job is a fantastic fit for you if you have a natural aptitude for data interpretation, analysis, and research.

A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or economics is required to work as a portfolio manager in Australia. Work experience in the financial services industry that focuses on market research and making investment advice to customers is a plus. Depending on the situation, additional licenses may be necessary.

10. Head of Compliance

Average annual salary: AU$277,500 (£151,800 / $207,230)
Working in compliance typically entails safeguarding your company’s legal and ethical integrity. As the head of compliance, it is your responsibility to guarantee that your company’s policies are followed by both its workers and the company itself. You must make sure that everyone in your organization follows the law, industry laws, and internal procedures.

Requirement for the role of Head of Compliance
The first step in getting a position in compliance is to have an appropriate industry certificate, such as a Diploma in Quality Auditing or a law degree. Following that, you should look for suitable job experience in compliance roles, such as compliance officer.


These attractive jobs are now in great demand in Australia. With lots of room for development in the future, these jobs are future-proof, luring employees from all over the globe to the wonderful country.

If you have qualifications or professional experience in these positions or disciplines, it may be time to seek out Australia’s perfect work-life balance

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