Legit Scholarships 2024

How to Find Legitimate Scholarships

Legit Scholarships are easy find if you know the right website to search. To lower your education expenses, you should apply for as many scholarships as possible. Unfortunately, not all scholarships are legit, so proceed with caution when looking for one.

How can you identify a legit scholarship? Make the most of these suggestions to become a well-informed scholarship seeker.

Finding Legit Scholarships – Questions to Ask:

What is the source of the scholarship?

Looking for scholarships from organizations you already know and trust is a fantastic option. Examine awards from companies and organizations you’re already familiar with, as well as awards from your prospective college. If you’re considering applying for a scholarship from an organization you’ve never heard of, do some research beforehand. Look at their website to see if there’s a means to get in touch with them. If you’re still unsure, get advice from a responsible adult.

What drew your attention to this scholarship?

Even though some scholarships are available directly from the sponsors, your scholarship search will most likely center on databases that aggregate rewards from a variety of sources. This includes scholarship searches on the internet, scholarship lists provided by your school counselor, and more. If you discover about a new scholarship from a reliable source, you may be confident that the scholarship is legit.

What information are they seeking?

Most scholarships will ask for certain information from you.
The following are some samples of data collected by legitimate scholarships:

  1. Full name,
  2. Address,
  3. Phone number,
  4. Email address,
  5. The high school and/or college that you’re attending,
  6. Citizenship/residency status,
  7. Scholarship Essays
  8. Academic information, and
  9. Financial information.

Depending on the scholarship you’re applying for and the eligibility requirements, the type of information asked will usually make sense. If you’re not sure why a scholarship sponsor requires a specific piece of information, reach out and inquire.

Red Flags to Avoid When Applying For A Scholarship

1. Never pay to apply for scholarships!

You should never have to pay to search for or apply for scholarships because there are so many free scholarship resources available (such as Careerinfos). In truth, most scholarship resources that require payment are attempting to defraud you of your funds. You are unlikely to receive any scholarship funds from them in return.

2. You are adjudged to have won! (When you haven’t applied)

You can get emails or other correspondence claiming that you’ve already won a scholarship for which you never applied. Because the majority of scholarships need an application, it’s better to avoid these ‘too good to be true’ opportunities. The scholarship package your college puts together for you is an exception to this norm.

What Should I Do?

In this case, the financial assistance staff at the college would compile information from your admission file and offer any scholarships to which you are eligible. Some college scholarships still require an additional application, so if you’re unsure, contact the financial aid office. Learn more about how to avoid scholarship scams

3. Asking Too Much Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

No legitimate scholarship will want information such as your bank account number or credit/debit card information. Some scholarships may ask for details on your college savings account, but only to deposit funds, not to withdraw them.

4. Request for your Social Security Number (SSN).

Although some credible scholarships still require the SSN as part of the application process, most scholarship organizations have stopped doing so. If your SSN is requested, check with the provider to verify how your information will be used and how your privacy will be maintained.

Legit Scholarship Websites

There are numerous websites dedicated to scholarship seekers, as we all know. While we endeavor to make Careerinfos the best, we are aware that there are a number of other excellent scholarship websites.

The following are our legit scholarship websites recommendations:

Top Scholarship Sites

Scholarship America
Your college’s website

Summary – Finding Legit Scholarships

It can be tough to locate authentic scholarships. If you need assistance, speak with your school counselor or another responsible adult. Save your time and energy for genuine scholarships and ignore the phony ones!

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