Sell Gold For Cash – Online And Near Me

Tips On How To Sell Gold For cash, Online And Near Me

Sell Gold For Cash – Most people prefer to sell thier gold for cash. This is the time to sell any old gold jewelry, gold coins, or scrap you may have.

This article describes how to find a reputable gold buyer who will not take advantage of you.

The following is an overview of how to sell gold for cash, online or near you, as well as a look at the best ways to identify legit gold and other valuable gemstones.

Keep reading to get top tips on how to sell gold for cash, online and near you.

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Steps On How To Sell Gold

1. Examine the markings to ensure your gold is genuine.

Purity marks on gold indicate the percentage of pure gold in the alloy vs the amount of other metals. 24 carat gold is pure gold, and it will be designated with the abbreviation “K” for carats.

The purity of gold is represented by the carat markings on gold jewelry. A carat number, such as 18K or 12K, is usually stamped in the shape of a rectangle with the corners chopped off and a number inside. Here is what those numbers mean:

Determining The Genuineness Of Gold

Gold Markings Karat Size Quality
999 24 karat 99.9% gold
990 22 karat 99% gold
916 22 karat 91.6% gold
750 18 karat 75% gold
585 14 karat 58.5% gold
375 9 carat 37.5% gold

An etching, stamp, or hallmark that says “18K” or “750” on a piece of gold jewelry or a gold coin indicates that it is made up of 75% gold, whereas a “14K” or “585” mark indicates that the metal is made up of 58.5 percent gold.

Here’s more information on selling gold coins.

How to tell if gold is genuine with a lighter.

Hold a lighter or an oven flame to your gold jewelry or currency (but not a very high heat, like a blow torch). After a while, real gold will become extremely hot, but it will not discolor. When exposed to fire, fake gold will darken or change color. Furthermore, if the piece is gold-plated (gold on the outside, but other metals on the inside), the thin gold plating will melt, revealing the inner metal.

Test gold with a magnet to see if its genuine.

Gold has no magnetic properties.  One thing to keep in mind is that a genuine-gold bracelet or necklace may contain a clasp that isn’t made of real gold and will be drawn to the magnet while the rest of the piece isn’t.

Gold Float Test

Gold does not float and does not rust. Pour a glass of water over your gold. It’s a fake if it floats.

Skin Test

Your skin will not turn black or green if you wear real gold jewelry.

2. Check the price of gold

CashforGoldUSA’s gold calculator, which takes into account the current gold price, will help you estimate the value of your gold. also has historical gold price information.

3. Find a trustworthy buyer.

Look at BBB, Trustpilot, and Yelp reviews, research the firm name to see if there are any lawsuits or unfavorable news, and ask trusted friends and neighbors.

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Methods For Selling Gold and Gold Jewelry

The following methods or ways can be utilized to buy and sale gold;

  1. Gold buyers online Find an “online gold buyer” and sell your gold over the internet.
  2. Local gold buyers
  3. Cash for gold businesses in the area
  4. Pawnbrokers
  5. Dealers in coins
  6. Jewelry shops
  7. Antiquarian shops
  8. Recyclers

Why Patronize An Online Gold Buyer

Using an online gold buyer has several advantages:

  1. It is far more convenient to sell gold online than to drive around to local businesses.
  2. Because online firms serve customers all over the country, there are more reviews, certifications, and verification services like the Better Business Bureau to offer legitimacy and trust.
  3. An online gold buyer will give you an offer depending on the weight and purity of the metal you bring (calculated in karats).
  4. This covers both gold coins and jewelry: You’ll be compensated for the metal value rather than the face value of a coin.
  5. Because they don’t have the significant overhead of a retail store, online gold purchasers can offer premium prices, and the competitive nature of the Internet encourages them to do so.
  6. You also benefit from the convenience and security of not having to leave your house.

Best Online Gold Dealers

We considered the following firms when deciding on the “best gold dealers”:

  1. American Bullion
  2. APMEX
  3. Gold Geek
  4. Goldco Precious Metals
  5. JM Bullion
  6. Kitco
  7. Liberty Gold and Silver
  8. Luriya
  9. Money Metals Exchange
  11. US Gold Buyers

FAQs On Gold Value:

How much is gold worth?

Gold is graded in karats, with 24 karat gold being the purest and having the greatest melt value.

The resale value of your gold is determined by various factors, including the current market price of gold bullion. The more gold there is in your jewelry or coin, the more valuable it is.

What is the value of a gram of gold?

For the first time in 50 years, gold prices surpassed $2,000 this year. The gold resale value in the United States was at a near-record price of $1848.90 per ounce, or $65.22 per gram, as of May.

A 1-gram gold bar is about the size of a thumbtack: 8mm (0.32 inches) × 15mm (0.59 inches) x 0.4mm (0.02 inches).

What is the value of 18k gold?

75 percent gold and 25 percent of another metal make up 18k gold. Because 18k gold is less pure than 24k gold, you will receive less money for it.

How do I evaluate an 18K gold?

All you have to do to find out how much money your 18k gold item is worth is:

  1. Take a look at the current gold spot price in grams.
  2. Multiply the weight of your 18k gold (in grams) by 0.75. This will reveal the amount of pure gold you own.
  3. Multiply that figure by the current gold spot price.

What is the value of 24k gold?

The purest kind of gold available is 24k gold. As a result, you’ll get more money for 24k gold than you would for 18k or 14k gold.

How do I evaluate a 24Karat gold?

To figure out how much your 24k gold is worth, simply perform the following:

  1. Look up the current gold spot price in grams.
  2. Check the weight of your 24K gold (in grams)
  3. Multiply the weight of your 24k gold by the current gold spot price.

What is the price of white gold?

White gold is a mixture of gold and one or more additional metals, such as nickel. As a result, 24k white gold does not exist. White gold, however, will retain its value because it includes at least some gold. 18k white gold is usually valued at the same as 18k gold. The same is true when 14k white gold is compared to 14k gold.

What is the value of 14k white gold?

The gold content of 14k white gold is 58.3 percent. Because gold is a soft metal, and 14k white gold contains less gold, 14k white gold is often more durable than 18k white gold.

To determine the value of your 14k white gold, do the following:

  1. Look up the current gold spot price.
  2. Weight your 14k white gold (in grams) and
  3. Multiply that number by 0.583 to determine how much pure gold is in the item.
  4. Multiply the amount above with the spot rates  of gold to determine how much your 14karat gold is worth.

What is the value of 18k white gold?

75 percent of 18k white gold is gold.

All you have to do to find out how much your 18k white gold is worth is:

  1. Look up the current gold spot price.
  2. Multiply the weight of your 18k white gold (in grams) by 0.75,  to determine the amount of pure gold contained in the item
  3. Multiply the number above by the current spot price, to find out how much the gold is worth

Is there any value in rose gold?

Rose gold is a mixture of gold and another metal, usually copper, that gives it its distinctive tint. In addition to copper, rose gold may contain a tiny quantity of silver (2.5-5 percent).

Given this, rose gold is valued the same as the amount of gold it contains. The gold content of 18K rose gold and 14K rose gold is the same as 18K gold and 14K gold, respectively.

What is the value of rose gold?

Rose gold’s value is determined by its karat, much like ordinary gold.

The gold content of 18k rose gold is 75%. Simply multiply the weight in grams by 0.75 to find out how much your 18k rose gold is worth. Then multiply that figure by the current gold spot price.

The gold content of 14k rose gold is 58.3 percent. Find the weight in grams of your 14k rose gold and multiply it by 0.583 to determine its value. Then multiply that figure by the current gold spot price.

London Bullion Market Association

The method via which gold buyers determine how much gold is worth is grounded in the London Bullion Market Association, which today runs an electronic auction system called the LBMA Gold Price — known worldwide as the accepted market price for gold.

The LBMA is a trade group for the gold industry that promotes transparency, quality, and ethical sourcing.

FAQs On Selling Gold – Sell Gold For Cash

What is the price of gold?

Gold prices are near record highs and are expected to rise, as gold prices have historically grown when the stock market falls.

What is the most efficient way to exchange gold for cash?

Cash reigns supreme. Sell your gold to a company that specializes in gold purchases and will give you the most in cash.

Is it a good time to sell gold? Is gold a good investment right now?

Gold prices have typically risen when the economy and stock markets are shaky. To put it another way, this is a great moment to sell your gold!

If you have gold jewelry, coins, gold teeth, or other gold objects that you do not use or love, you should sell them immediately.

Is it possible to gain money by selling gold?

Over time, gold has shown to be one of the best investments. Today is an opportune moment to sell gold, as gold prices tend to rise as the economy and stock market fall.

How much money do you get when you sell gold?

Gold has reached new highs of more than $2,000 per ounce in the last year, and a normal wedding band can fetch between $100 and $500 at current scrap gold pricing, depending on the weight and karat.

Is it safe to sell gold over the internet?

Reputable gold purchasers provide security. All shipments are insured up to $100,000 by Jewelers’ Mutual, and you can follow your delivery from door to door with a FedEx or USPS tracking number – all for free.

When is the best time to sell my gold? Is it worthwhile to sell gold for cash?

Yes, having cash that you urgently require to pay necessary expenses such as rent, a car note, or utilities is preferable to gold coins, gold jewelry, bullion, or scrap sitting in a drawer or safety deposit box.

Selling gold for other assets, such as stock funds in a retirement account, real estate, education, or even a new business, may make sense.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Prices

The price you are told for your gold item is determined by multiple separate markets.

What is the spot price of gold?

The spot price is the price at which gold will be sold immediately. Gold buyers use the gold spot price to determine how much they will pay you for your gold today.

Gold spot prices are computed as the average net value of all presently traded gold futures for the next month and represent the value of gold to be delivered immediately after purchase. This is noteworthy especially if you want to sell gold for cash.

What exactly are gold futures?

Gold futures prices are used to calculate the LBMA Gold Price, which is established by expected changes in supply and demand, as well as the estimated cost of transporting and storing gold.

Why does the price of gold fluctuate?

Gold is similar to any other asset, including stocks, real estate, and even human labor. Prices rise in response to increased demand. Prices fall when there is less demand for gold. Kitco’s gold price is one of the most important gold price trackers.

What causes gold to rise in price?

When there is increased demand for gold, gold prices rise. Gold prices have historically increased when:

  1. The stock market is on the decline.
  2. Economy is extremely stable.
  3. The higher the price of gold, the more people desire to acquire it, driving prices even higher.

Kitco Gold Index

The Kitco Gold Index is a widely used indicator of current gold prices. Daily gold prices are established by independently owned marketplaces, unlike the stock market, which is a dynamic marketplace. One of these markets is Kitco.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Gold Jewelry

What is vermeil gold?

Sterling silver that has been gold-plated, usually with 22K to 24K gold, is known as Gold Vermeil. Gold vermeil in the 14K-18K range is increasingly frequent. This is noteworthy especially for those wishing to sell gold

What does “gold plated” mean?

A chemical or electrochemical plating method is used to apply a thin layer of gold to the surface of another metal, such as copper or silver.

What does “gold filled” mean?

The layers of gold-filled jewelry are two or three: The core metal is brass, and a gold alloy is heat and pressure bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core. In comparison to plated or vermeil jewelry, gold-filled jewelry has a considerably thicker covering of gold and will last longer.

What is the difference between gold, gold-filled, and gold-plated jewelry?

Unlike plated (also known as “electroplated” or “dipped”) objects, gold-filled items must contain at least 5% gold by weight. All “gold” objects are made of the same gold alloy.

What exactly is white gold? What makes white gold different from yellow gold?

White gold is an alloy of gold with nickel, platinum, or another metal that has a silver or white metal appearance. The price difference between white and yellow gold is insignificant. The amount of gold present determines the value, not the hue.

What is the value of my gold chain? What is the going rate for a gold necklace?

Your gold chain or necklace is probably worth its weight in gold quality. Here’s how to sell necklaces on the internet.

If your chain is from a well-known designer like Bulgari, Cartier, David Yurman, or Tiffany, it is likely worth more as a whole.

What is the value of a 14K gold bracelet?

The bracelet, like other precious metals jewelry, is worth the weight of the gold multiplied by the carat. If it has stones, such as diamonds in a tennis bracelet, the value of the bracelet may increase. Find out more about selling your bracelet on the internet.

Before accepting any offer for various types of jewelry containing precious metals and gemstones, educate yourself about selling jewelry online.

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