Top Job Search Sites in Canada

Top Job Search Sites in Canada is mostly surfed by immigrants or intending immigrants.Finding a job in Canada from abroad may be a difficult endeavor. You must first ascertain if the employer has a favorable labor market impact assessment (LMIA) before applying for a work permit. Also, there is a need to revise your CV and research the labor market demands of Canada to see where your talents are in demand. You should also update yourself on how to get accredited to work in Canada.

There’s no cause for alarm as the article does not just capture a list of the top job search sites in Canada, but also compiled a list of professional advice on landing your ideal job below in Canada. You may want to apply to these top Canadian Jobs

Top Job Search Sites In Canada

Listed in the table below in no particular order are the top 5 job search sites in Canada.

Best 5 Job Search Sites In Canada

Canadian Job Bank
Indeed Canada
Monster Canada

Best 5 Job Search Sites In Canada

1. Canadian Job Bank

Type: Canada’s official government job site

Special feature: Job Match, free to use
The Canadian Job Bank is one of the greatest places to look for work in Canada, especially if you are an Express Entry candidate. Employers in Canada that wish to assist a foreign worker’s permanent residency application are urged to use the Job Bank to find foreign employees. The Job Match feature links Express Entry applicants with qualified employers. Candidates in the pool who have a legitimate job offer might receive 50 or 200 points depending on the job category.

2. eJobbo

Type: Canadian job platform

Special features: include a video job application, a smart matching system, affiliation with a visa agency, and the ability to utilize the service for free.
eJobbo is a new Canadian employment board with an expanding database of companies and recruiters. The site offers a few unique features, such as a smart matching system that automatically shows jobs that are most suitable with your abilities, experience, education, and other essential factors. Another useful tool, particularly for international employees, is the video job application, which allows you to’sell yourself’ on video.

eJobbo is also linked to the Canadian Visa immigration and visa agency. That is, if you apply with Canadian Visa for a work permit or permanent residency visa, you will obtain an eJobbo user profile to begin your job search while your visa application is being processed.

3. Indeed Canada

Type: A global job-related search engine.
Special features: include a job aggregator and the ability to utilize the service for free.
Indeed is the world’s most popular employment portal. The platform draws thousands of Canadian companies, but more significantly, it is a job aggregator, which means it collects opportunities from employment sites and classified ads and presents them on its own site.So, if there is a job opening in Canada, it will almost certainly be listed on Indeed.

Indeed is used by both international employees and immigrants to Canada for job searching so that they do not lose out on possibilities. Top Canadian businesses in areas such as healthcare, transportation, and warehousing publish job opportunities on Indeed on a regular basis.

4. Monster Canada

Type: Canadian job platform

Special features: include video job advertising, a job fit score system, a free resume evaluation, and the ability to utilize the site for free.
Monster Canada is one of the more sophisticated job-search sites utilized in Canada. The site includes a job fit score system that identifies which jobs are most related to your skills and interests. You may also receive a free resume evaluation from a professional to learn how to make your CV more appealing to potential employers. What a fantastic idea! Furthermore, some jobs are accompanied by a video that shows rather than tells you more about the position before you swipe right to apply.

5. Workopolis

Type: Canadian job forum

Special feature: Provides job services in both French and English and is completely free to use.
Workopolis is one of Canada’s oldest and most well-known employment boards. The employment site features a foreign worker search area that lists positions for those who do not live in Canada.
Jobs for live-in caregivers, farmworkers, cashiers, and a variety of other in-demand vocations may be found here. The job postings will specify whether or not the employers have LMIA-documents in order to hire foreign employees, removing any ambiguity from the job-search process.

Top Tips to Secure a Job in Canada

  1. Register with a Recruitment Agency That Specializing in International Job Placements
  2. Look for jobs on Canadian job boards.
  3. Include Contact Information for References on Your Resume.
  4. Customize Your Resume for the Canadian Format Resume
  5. Conduct Research on Your Target Companies in Canada
  6. Create a LinkedIn profile or update an existing one
  7. Send In Your Applications on Tuesdays Between 11:30AM – 12:30PM
  8. Look for jobs in smaller cities as well
  9. You Should Be Able To Make International Video Calls
  10. Secure a Canadian Work Permit… Read more

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