Uniuyo Criteria For Transfer 2024

University of Uyo Criteria For Transfer

Uniuyo Criteria For Transfer – The University of Uyo (Uniuyo) operates both Inter-University Transfer and Intra-University Transfer. This article will help explain the mode of transfers available in the University of Uyo, the rules and regulations guiding the transfer and the required documents needed to effect the transfer. Students from other schools seeking to apply for transfer to the University of Uyo or students in Uniuyo seeking to apply for transfer to a different department/faculty will find this article very helpful.  


In this mode of transfer, a student transferring from another University to the University of Uyo shall apply for admission into the Faculty/Department of his/her choice stating reasons for the transfer and performance in his/her former University. Keep reading to get full grasp of Uniuyo criteria for transfer

Eligibility Criteria for Inter-University Transfer in Uniuyo

  1. He/she must meet the UME requirement of the Department/Faculty and must earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 on a 5.00 point grading system. Post Pre-degree students may not be qualified for transfer.
  2. Candidates may only transfer to do the same course as in the former University and may not be allowed to change course.
  3. Candidates must also pay recommended transfer fee to the University and shall be issued with transfer form by the Admission Officer.
  4. They should request their transcript to be forwarded to the University early enough.
  5. No student rusticated or expelled from the former University shall be accepted in the University of Uyo.
  6. Students on transfer must spend at least two academic years on a four-year programme and three years on a five-year programme in the University of Uyo before graduation.

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Rules and Regulations Governing Inter-University Transfer in Uniuyo

The following are detailed rules and regulations governing inter- University transfer:

  1. Candidates should have a minimum UTME score of 200.
  2. Candidates must meet the initial entry requirements of the University of Uyo and the requirements of the Department into which transfer is sought. .
  3. Candidates must be in good standing in the former Universities, that is, must not have been rusticated, expelled or asked to withdraw from the former Universities and must have spent at least an academic session in the former Universities. This should be affirmed in a genuine document signed by accredited authorities of the former Universities.
  4. Candidates must not be admitted on transfer beyond Year II for a 4-year programme or year III for a 5-year programme.
  5. Candidates must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 5.00 point grading system or 2.50 on a 4.00 point grading system.
  6. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate seeking transfer to cause his transcript to be submitted to the University for purpose of admission. Courses offered and passed in the former Universities should be waived by the University. Transfer shall not normally be considered until the University has received the transcript and approval of the transfer given by the Senate.

Additional Requirements For Inter-University Transfer In Uniuyo

  1. Candidates may only transfer into the same academic programme as in the former University and may not be allowed to change programmes.
  2. Candidates must pay an approved non-refundable application fee and shall be issued with a transfer form obtainable from the Admissions Office.
  3. All applications for transfer and the relevant transcript of work in the former University must be received by the Registrar, University of Uyo not later than 2 months preceding the commencement of the academic year in which admission is sought.
  4. Not more than one per cent (1%) of the admission quota of the year in each Faculty should betaken by Inter-University transfers.
  5. There shall normally be no Inter-University transfer into the Faculties of Law and Medicine.


Students of the University of Uyo seeking transfer from one Department to the other or from one Faculty to the other must meet the UTME requirements of the new Faculty/Department and must have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00.

Applicants asked to withdraw from one Department on grounds of academic deficiency may be accepted irrespective of their average cumulative grade point.

Students on transfer must also pay an approved fee to the University and obtain change of course form.

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