Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada

Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada has become one of the most searched item on search engines. This signifies that things are changing, and trades jobs are the new place to be.  Things aren’t just about to change; they’ve already begun. Apart from tech jobs, skilled occupations such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and millwrights are in high demand in a world being transformed by technology.

Why Are Trade Jobs in High Demand in Canada?

Everyone wanted to go to university, and today the world is filled with attorneys, accountants, and designers, while we badly need individuals with hands-on abilities. As a result, a competent tradesman is difficult to locate, and companies are prepared to pay top money for skills and expertise. Note, it is important you have an idea on how to get accredited to work in Canada.

Why Apply For Trade Jobs in Canada?

Because of the growth of rather bureaucratic but life-saving health and safety laws in Canada, the sector is no longer nearly as deadly as it previously was. Furthermore, approximately 40% of today’s skilled crafts workforce is anticipated to retire during the next ten years. However, if you are more inclined in securing social work, you can check out best province to apply for social works in Canada

Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada

Are you looking for a trade job in Canada? To put it mildly, these jobs will allow you to live decently.

Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada

Trade Jobs Average Annual Income
Welder $85,000
Electrician $75,000
Heavy Duty Mechanic $70,200
Construction Worker $66,000
Plumber $65,198
Iron Workers $64,000
Carpenter $52,687
Long Haul Truck Driver $52,000
Pipefitter $49,000
Bus Driver $41,000

1. Welder

Working for lengthy periods of time in uncomfortable positions for a good wage. Apprentices will be paid a minimum of $33,000 per year to begin. You may earn up to $85,000 each year with skill improvements in various forms of welding. Currently, British Columbia has the most demand, with possibilities available all the way to and including Prince Edward Island.

2. Electrician

Residential, commercial, and industrial technicians are among the highest-paying trades occupations available. Apprentices will start at about 40% of what certified electricians make and will be able to earn up to $50 per hour once qualified. A skilled carpenter’s annual income is $75,000 on average. Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the Yukon territories have the most options.

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3. Heavy Duty Mechanic

One of the most difficult transactions to qualify for, but the payoff is well worth the effort. Apprentices will start at around 60% of what certified journeymen make because qualifying takes four years on average, during which time at least 9,000 hours of practical labor will be collected. Qualified heavy-duty mechanics earn an average yearly income of $70,200.

4. Construction Worker

For the toughest of the tough, construction work is grueling but the pay makes up for it. This is a tough but good place to start as you will deal with various tradesmen on a daily basis. Construction workers earn anything from $34,000 to $66,000 a year depending on the project and their experience.

Highest Paying Trade Jobs in Canada

5. Plumber

Plumbers will always be needed in the globe. Apprentices will start at about $30 per hour and will earn more than $40 per hour once qualified. Qualified plumbers earn an average yearly income of $65,198. Prince Edward Island and the Yukon Territories are among the provinces with the highest demand.

6. Iron Worker

Because this job needs more in-class training than most, earnings begin at around 70% of what certified journeymen earn, or around $42,000 per year. Qualified ironworkers earn an average yearly income of $64,000. British Columbia regularly has the largest demand for this trade in Canada.

7. Carpenter

New recruits will start at about $25 per hour and will be able to earn up to $38 per hour once qualified. Qualified carpenters earn an average yearly income of $52,687. The finest chances may be found in Prince Edward Island and the Yukon Territories.

8. Long Haul Truck Driver

There is something in our nature that drives us to be on the go; fulfill that need by working in one of Canada’s most in-demand occupations. Long-haul truck drivers get a front-row ticket to the breathtaking grandeur of the Canadian environment. Oh, and you’ll get paid up to $52,000 a year for the privilege.

9. Pipefitter

Ontario is the place to be right now if you are a qualified pipefitter. While there are various options throughout Canada, the majority are concentrated in the province of the Great Lakes. Apprentices will be paid no less than $30 per hour, while experienced and qualified pipefitters will be paid about $49 per hour. Qualified pipefitters earn an average yearly income of $49,000.

10. Bus Driver

If you’re weary of the wide road and want to settle down a little, Canada’s cities are in desperate need of bus drivers. The compensation isn’t as good, but it’s not awful either, with an annual salary of approximately $41,000.

Knowing where to look and what more you’ll need, such as an LMIA, can make it easier for you to find work in Canada.

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