Federal Government Job in the United States

Find jobs at a Specific USA Organization

How to Find a Federal Government Job in the United States is quite simple. Across the country, there are employment vacancies in government agencies. If you’re interested in finding a Federal Government Job in the United States, go to USAJOBS.gov. 

How to Find a Federal Government Job in the United States

How to Find a Federal Government Job in the United States
How to Find a Federal Government Job in the United States

Jobs For Immigrants In The United States

Finding U.S Federal Jobs Using USAJOBS.gov

USAJOBS.gov It is the federal government’s official job site. You may do the following there:

  • Look for employment, particularly those that are in great demand.
  • Discover how the U.S government hires employees.
  • Look for government student employment openings.
  • Learn about federal employment available to non-U.S. citizens.

How to Apply for a U.S Federal Job Through USAJOBS

  • To apply, you must first create a USAJOBS profile.
  • Users must have a login.gov account to apply for jobs on USAJOBS.
  • Sign up for a login.gov account.
  • Login into USAJOBS, make a profile, and submit your resume.
  • Look for occupations that are of interest to you.
  • Examine the job postings to discover whether you are qualified.
  • Fill up your application with USAJOBS.
  • Submit your application to the federal agency with the job vacancy via USAJOBS.

Find jobs at a Specific USA Organization

While most government agencies list jobs on USAJOBS, several also offer opportunities on their own websites. If you wish to work for a specific government agency, use the A-Z Index of Government Agencies to discover their webpage.

Research local and virtual federal employment and training activities.
There is never an application or testing cost to apply for a job with the government or the US Postal Service.

Federal Jobs for U.S Veterans

If you’ve served in the military and are looking for a government job, go to FedsHireVets.gov. It contains information on:

  • Preference for veterans
  • Exceptional hiring authority
  • Other recommendations for veterans and transitioning military members looking for federal civilian jobs

Jobs in the Federal Government for People with Disabilities

If you have a handicap and are searching for work, you should try working for the U.S federal government.

Benefits of Government Employment for People with Disabilities

The United States federal government:

  • Has employment vacancies in a variety of career sectors around the country.
  • Uses Schedule A, a non-competitive recruiting method that is faster and easier than the competitive hiring process.
  • Provides qualified personnel with necessary accommodations.
  • People can also apply for employment via a competitive recruiting procedure.
  • Makes most occupations available to persons with impairments exclusively utilize that process.

Finding and Applying for Federal Government Jobs in the United States

Most positions may be found on the government’s job portal, USAJOBS.gov.

You must submit documentation that you have an intellectual, mental, or severe physical impairment in order to apply for positions under Schedule A. You may want to explore highest paying jobs in the United States.

To apply for a US federal job online;

  • Follow the same application procedure as you would for any other online application.
  • Use the advice for people with impairments provided by USAJOBS.

To apply for a job directly through a US Agency;

  • Contact the Selective Program Placement Coordinator at the agency (SPPC).
  • Read The ABCs of Schedule A for additional information on applying for employment through Schedule A.

You may want to explore jobs employing the most immigrants in America.

Jobs for Disabled College Students and Recent Graduates

If you are a college student or a recent graduate, you may search for summer employment, internships, and permanent opportunities on the:

  1. Workforce Recruitment Program
  2. Pathways Program

Jobs For Veterans with Disabilities

You have even more alternatives if you are a veteran with a service-connected disability. Understand how unique recruitment authorities allow agencies to select veterans to non-competitive positions. You may want to explore how to apply for a U.S work permit, if you are an immigrant.

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