IRCC Processing Times

Updated Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Processing Times

IRCC Processing Times has now been updated. The New official IRCC processing times are listed on this page. The IRCC processing tool was updated to provide precise statistics on typical processing times as opposed to only service standards.

The purpose of these processing times is to offer potential immigrants or visa applicants to Canada a rough idea of how long it could take for a decision to be made on their application.

Also, prospective applicants who desire to submit an application for a Canadian immigration or visa can learn more about the procedure beforehand.

IRCC Processing Times

These processing times are meant to give new weekly processing times based on data collected over the previous 6 months for 80% of the applications in a category.

This does not imply that the processing of your application will necessarily take the same length of time.

Given that this processing update is an average of the processing times for 80% of the applications, it may take longer or even less time than the time indicated.

Also, the processing period starts when the application is received by IRCC and concludes when the immigration officer decides whether to approve or deny the application.

We have been tracking and comparing the processing timeframes that the IRCC formally updates on a weekly basis.

IRCC Processing Times for Citizenship & PR Cards

Application Type Current Processing Time Change From Last Week
Citizenship grant 23 months No Change
Citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship) 14 months No Change
Resumption of citizenship 24 months No Change
Renunciation of Citizenship 15 months No Change
Search of citizenship records 16 months No Change
New PR card 41 days – 1 Day
PR card renewals 68 days + 1 days

IRCC is currently issuing acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) letters or emails to paper and online citizenship applications

IRCC Processing Time for Family Sponsorship

Application Type Current Processing Time Change From Last Week
Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada 16 months No Change
Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada 14 months No Change
Parents or Grandparents PR 39 months No Change

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According to the most recent official IRCC data, there are currently 918,300 pending Canadian immigration applications.

In accordance with IRCC service standards, 1.055 million applications were also still being handled. The IRCC was handling about 1.97 million applications as of December 31

Processing time for Canadian Passport

Application Type Current Processing Time Change From Last Week
In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted in person at Service Canada Centre – Passport services) 10 business days No Change
In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted by mail to Service Canada Centre) 20 business days No Change
In-Canada Urgent pick-up By the end of next business day No Change
In-Canada Express pick-up 2-9 business days No Change
Regular passport application mailed from outside Canada 20 business days No Change


IRCC Processing Time for Economic Class

Application Type Current Processing Time Change From Last Week
Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 16 months No Change
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) 31 months No Change
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) 70 months No Change
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) via Express Entry 11 months No Change
Non-Express Entry PNP 21 months No Change
Quebec Skilled Workers (QSW) 19 months No Change
Quebec Business Class 67 months No Change
Federal Self-Employed 43 months No Change
Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) 23 months No Change
Start-Up Visa 33 months No Change


Processing Time for Temporary Residence Application

Application Type Current Processing Time
Visitor visa outside Canada Varies by country
India: 99 Days
Nigeria: 325 Days
United States: 33 Days
Pakistan: 205 Days
Philippines: 55 Days
UAE: 316 Days
Bangladesh: 217 Days
Sri Lanka: 151 Days
United Kingdom: 216 Days
Visitor visa inside Canada Online: 16 days
Paper-Based: 25 days
Parents or Grandparents Super Visa Varies by country
India: 131 Days
Nigeria: 427 Days
United States: 273 Days
Pakistan: 422 Days
Philippines: 209 Days
UAE: 238 Days
Bangladesh: 256 Days
Sri Lanka: 255 Days
United Kingdom: 159 Days
Study Permit Outside Canada 10 Weeks
Visitor Extension (Visitor Record) Online: 217 days
Paper-Based: 95 days
Study Permit Inside Canada 5 Weeks
Study Permit Extension Online: 146 Days
Paper-Based: 119 Days
Work Permit Outside Canada Varies by country
India: 8 Weeks
Nigeria: 49 Weeks
United States: 17 Weeks
Pakistan: 67 Weeks
Philippines: 11 Weeks
UAE: 34 Weeks
Bangladesh: 32 Weeks
Sri Lanka: 22 Weeks
United Kingdom: 11 Weeks
Work Permit Inside Canada Online: 161 Days
Paper-Based: 59 Days
International Experience Canada (Current Season) 2 Weeks
Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) 23 Days
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) 5 minutes

Please note that applications for essential positions are given priority. Your processing time can be longer than indicated above if you are not applying for a position in a critical occupation.

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