Liese Prokop Scholarship in Austria 2024

Liese Prokop Scholarship is now open for application. The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) is taking applications for the Liese Prokop Scholarship award for asylum seekers in the 2024 academic session.

About the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) is an initiative of the Republic of Austria and an associate of the federal government in improving integration.

In its work, the ÖIF is aimed at;
Individuals eligible for asylum, individuals entitled to subsidiary protection and third-country citizens.
People with a migration background.
Institutions, organizations and multipliers in the integration, social and educational sectors.
Austrian society.

The ÖIF was founded in 1960 by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) under the name “Refugee Fund of the United Nations”. The Hungarian crisis of 1956 and the associated wave of refugees made it clear that Austria needs an appropriate institutional framework to take care of refugees.

After it was separated from the BM.I in 1991, 2002 denoted a landmark in the history of the ÖIF. From this point on, the ÖIF’s performance profile was specifically expanded and since then the ÖIF has been jointly responsible for the implementation of the integration agreement. In this context, the ÖIF handles German exams across Austria at various language levels and evaluates German integration courses for ongoing quality assurance.

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) supports committed students who are entitled to asylum and who are very successful in their studies, who do not receive any state funding in Austria and who need verifiable financial support for their studies, with the Liese Prokop scholarship. The Liese Prokop Scholarship supports the completion of the studies and entry into the Austrian labor market.

Why Apply For Liese Prokop Scholarship?

In addition to financial support, the scholarship also includes participation in a program of seminars, training courses and exchange meetings. The focus of the training program is on studying, preparing for the Austrian job market and getting to know Austrian culture and history. Seminars, workshops and excursions are organized. Particularly important this year: For most of the program items there are online alternatives that can be used if necessary. Involvement in the supporting program is mandatory and a crucial part of the scholarship award.

Worth of Liese Prokop Scholarship

This is a full scholarship

Danish Government Scholarship at University of Southern Denmark
Visiting Fellowship Program in France

Eligibility for Liese Prokop Scholarship

Students entitled to asylum in extraordinary programs, which are getting ready for one or more complementary examinations (e.g. by attending a pre-study program), with a previous enrollment at a school or university of applied sciences in Austria prior to the age of 30 in the nostrification process

Which requirements have to be met?

  1. Valid notification of admission to a university or a technical college in Austria or valid notification of nostrification according to the Recognition and Assessment Act (AuBG)
  2. Verifiable required support for studies
  3. Willingness and sufficient time to regularly participate in offers, services and events of the ÖIF
  4. Proof of successful completion of the course (except for first-year students)
  5. Requirement for a scholarship for at least one academic year

How to Apply for Liese Prokop Scholarship

  1. Download the funding application.
  2. Print out the funding application, fill it in completely and sign it.
  3. Send your application, consisting of:
    1. Filled out and signed application for scholarship (see download area on website)
    2. Identity card (residence permit for those eligible for asylum, convention passport)
    3. Registration slip
    4. E-card (social security number)
    5. Asylum notice
  4. if already at hand: valid admission letter to a university or a technical college in Austria or a valid nostrification letter to: lieseprokop.stipendium (at)

If you have any questions, please send an email to: lieseprokop.stipendium (at)

The application can only be considered if all credentials are submitted in full and along with the signed application for funding.

Application Deadline


Visit here for more details and to apply

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