Study In Ukraine – A Concise Guide

All About Studying In Ukraine

Study In Ukraine – A Concise Guide For Foreign Students

Greetings International Students! Ukrainian universities currently provide two study intakes each year for your convenience.

If you wish to study in Ukraine but aren’t sure how to get started with your application, you’ve come to the prime place!

Why Study In Ukraine?

The following are major advantages of studying in Ukraine:

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  1. Education of the highest standard
  2. Easy-to-use application and admissions system
  3. All programs have degrees that are internationally recognized (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa)
  4. Ukraine offers Medical Degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), and Various International Medical Directories
  5. Offers no entrance examination.
  6. There are no IELTS or TOEFL requirements.
  7. Only 10-15 students each class for more individual attention.
  8. The tuition fee is due upon arrival.
  9. Education and living expenses are both quite low.
  10. The language of instruction is English.

Other Good Reasons To Study In Ukraine

  1. After graduation, you’ll have a better chance of landing a job.
  2. Ukraine lays emphasis on Teaching’s Practical Aspects
  3. The country has a moderate climate all year round.
  4. Ukraine possess one of Europe’s Best Transportation Infrastructures
  5. On local travel, international students receive discounts ranging from 30% to 50%.
  6. The country welcomes visiting Professors from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries enrich the learning experience.
  7. Ukraine encourages students’ participation in seminars, symposia, project work, and other activities in Western European countries
  8. Universities in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and the Czech Republic are participating in a bilateral student exchange program.
  9. The country facilitates a three-month summer jobs in nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, and other European Union countries during vacations
  10. Possibilities of obtaining permanent residence and settling in Europe upon completion of the study program
  11. Ukraine ensures that a worthy candidate receives a 100 percent VISA.

Study In Ukraine – A Concise Guide

Study In Ukraine
Study In Ukraine – A Concise Guide For Foreign Students

Eligibility To Attend Universities In Ukraine

INTAKE 1: Join studies During | 1st SEPTEMBER – 15th NOVEMBER | Application Deadline: 1st November

INTAKE 2: Join Studies During | 1st FEBRUARY – 15th MARCH | Application Deadline 1st March

We require the following documents from applicants in order to issue a Student Invitation Letter from any university in Ukraine.

Admission at Medical University in Ukraine;

To Study Medicine – MBBS, Dentistry, D Pharmacy or Nursing in Ukraine, the candidate must possess the following subjects in the O’level Certificate/ Result

Chemistry – a minimum of 50% marks
Biology – a minimum of 50% marks
Combined results of SCIENCE are also accepted – minimum 50% marks

Admission at Engineering University in Ukraine; (Agricultural | Aviation | Maritime | Environmental )

To study any field of Engineering in Ukraine, the candidate must posses the following subjects in the Higher Secondary Certificate/ Result

Mathematics – a minimum of 50% marks
Physics – a minimum of 50% marks
Combined results of SCIENCE are also accepted – minimum 50% marks

Admission at Business | Tourism | Management and all other Programs in Ukraine;

Any subjects with at least 45% marks

Admission to Study Master’s Degree Course in Ukraine;

Higher Secondary School Certificate
BSc Degree Certificate with transcripts for all years

Admission to Study Ph.D. Degree in Ukraine;

Higher Secondary School Certificate
Bachelor’s Degree Certificate with transcripts for all years
Master’s Degree Certificate with transcripts for all years

Admission to Study Postgraduate Medicine Degree in Ukraine;

Higher Secondary School Certificate
Medical Degree with transcripts for all years

Cost of Living In Ukraine

In addition to the Tuition and Accommodation cost, a student requires an average of US$1200 to US$1500 each year to live comfortably in Ukraine. The cost of living in Ukraine is significantly lower than in European cities. Obviously, the prices may vary based on a student’s lifestyle, but we’ve attempted to give the typical expenses of several things below.

Food in Ukraine is quite inexpensive; for $5, a student may get 4 kg of potatoes, 4 kg of onions, 3 liters of milk, or 3 dozen eggs. A kilogram of beef or chicken might cost anywhere between $3 and $5. Dairy products are also inexpensive. For one dollar, you can get at least two large loaves of bread.

A nice pair of jeans will cost you at least $10-20 USD, a good shirt will cost you at least $5-15 USD, and a good T-shirt will cost you at least $5-12 USD.

A bundle of 1000 papers costs between $3 and $5 US dollars. Pencils, pen, and stationery, all of which are required for studies, are inexpensive.


Even while most textbooks are accessible at each university’s library, you may need to buy some volumes from other sources.

Public Transport
Students’ may buy a travel pass to use on public transport (Subway Trains, Electric Busses). Such travel pass won’t cost you more than $20 a month.

Domestic Travel Across The Country
A student card entitles them to discounts of at least 30% to 50% on trains and buses across Ukraine.

International Travel
University students can acquire an International Student Card and receive a 10% to 30% discount on air travel.

List Of Universities In Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are a number of universities to choose from. Still in interested to study in Ukraine? below are different list of Ukrainian universities to choose from:

Medical Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 Bukovinian State Medical University
2 Crimea State Medical University
3 Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy
4 Donetsk National Medical University
5 Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University
6 Kharkiv Medical Academy For Post Graduation
7 Kharkiv National Medical University
8 Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy
9 Kyiv Medical University Uafm
10 Krasnograd Medical Institute
11 Lviv Institute Of Veterinary Medicine
12 Lviv National Medical University
13 Lugansk State Medical University
14 National Pharmaceutical University Of Ukraine
15 Odessa National Medical University
16 Sumy State University
17 Ternopil National Medical University
18 Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
19 Vinnytsia National Medical University
20 Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Aeronautical | Aviation Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 Kharkiv National Aerospace University
2 Kirovograd State Flight Academy Of Ukraine
3 Kremenchuk Flying Institute
4 Kyiv National Aviation University

Technical Engineering Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 Cherkassy State Technological University
2 Donetsk National Technical University
3 Dnipropetrovsk National Metallurgical Academy Of Ukraine
4 Kryvyi Rih Technical University
5 Donbass State Machine Engineering Academy
6 Kirovograd Tate Technical University
7 Kremenchuk State Technical University
8 Kharkiv National University Of Radio Electronics
9 Kyiv National Technical University
10 Viinitsya National Technical University
11 Odessa National Technical University
12 Poltava State Technical University
13 Sevastopol National University Of Nuclear Energy & Industry
14 Zaporozhye State Engineering Academy
15 National University O Water Management & Natural Resources Rivne
16 Lviv National Technical University
17 Ukrainian State Academy Of Telecommunication Odessa
18 Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University Of Ukraine
19 National Shipbuilding University O Ukraine
20 Pryazovskyi State Technical University
21 Donbass Mining & Metallurgical University
22 Kyiv National Technical University
23 Ukrainian State Academy Of Chemical Engineering Dnipropetrovsk
24 Ternopil State Technical University
25 Kherson State Technical University
26 Sevastopol National Technical University
27 Technological University Of Podillya
28 Ivano Frankivsk State University Of Oil & Gas
29 Zaporozhye State Technical University

Economics Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 Donetsk State Academy Of Management
2 European University Of Finance ,Information System And Management
3 Donetsk Stae University Of Economics & Trade
4 Kharkiv National Municipal Academy
5 Kyiv National University Of Economics
6 Kharkiv National Economics University
7 Kyiv National University Of Economics & Trade
8 Kharkiv Institute Of Management
9 International Slovenic University
10 East European University Of Economics & Management
11 Lviv Academy Of Commerce
12 Odessa State Economics University
13 Ternopil National Economics University
14 Poltava Consumer Cooperative University Of Ukraine
15 Ukrainian Academy Of Foreign Trade

Agriculture Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 Crimea State Agrarian University
2 Kharkiv National Agrarian University
3 Lviv State Agrarian University
4 Kharkiv State Technical University Of Agriculture
5 Lugansk National Agrarian University
6 Kyiv National Agriculture University Of Ukraine
7 Odessa State Agriculture University
8 Poltava State Agrarian Academy

Culture, Arts, Sports Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 Kharkiv State Academy Of Culture
2 Dnipropetrovsk State Institute Of Physical Culture & Sports
3 Kharkiv State University Of Fine Arts & Designing
4 Kyiv National University Of Physical Culture & Sports
5 Lviv Academy Of Music
6 Kharkiv Stat Academy Of Physical Culture & Sports

Other Universities In Ukraine

S/N Universities
1 East Ukrainian National University Of Lugansk
2 Crimea National University
3 Donetsk National University
4 Kharkiv State University Of Civil Engineering & Architecture
5 Dnipropetrovsk National University Of Railway Transport
6 Kyiv National Linguistic University
7 Kharkiv National University V.N.Karazin
8 Ukrainian Engineering & Pedagogical Academy Of Kharkiv
9 Crimean Academy Of Environmental Protection & Resort Development
10 Kharkiv State University Of Food Technology & Trade
11 Kyiv National Transport University
12 Kharkiv National Pedagogical University
13 Kyiv National University Of Food Technologies
14 Donetsk State Institute Of Artificial Intelligence
15 Lviv Institute Of Finance & Economics
16 Donetsk Institute Of Psychology & Management
17 Lviv Academy Of Printing
18 Izmail State Humanitarian University
19 Odessa National Maritime University
20 Lviv National University
21 Odessa State Academy Of Refrigeration
22 Odessa State University Of Civil Engineering & Architecture
23 Sumy State University
24 Odessa National University
25 State University Food Technology
26 Ukrainian State Academy Of Telecommunication Of Odessa
27 Lviv Theological Academy
28 Odessa State Academy Of Marine Engineering
29 Lviv State University Of Forestry & Wood Technology
30 Dnipropetrovsk National University
31 Kharkiv National University Of Automobile & Roads Development
32 Odessa State Hydrometeorological Institute
33 Kyiv National Pedagogical University
34 Kharkiv State University Of Railway Transport
35 Kyiv National University
36 Zaporozhye State University

You may want to explore Europe scholarships that might help fulfill your desire to study in Ukraine.

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