Women in Gaming Scholarship 2024 -2025

Generation Google Scholarship (EMEA)

Women in Gaming Scholarship sponsored through Generation Google is open for application from eligible females. Generation Google is excited to announce a partnership with Stadia, Google’s all new gaming platform. Google is expanding its Scholarship Program to support students pursuing gaming degrees to advance gender equality in gaming.

Women in Gaming Scholarship

Selected students will receive a 7,000 EUR award (or local equivalent) for the current academic year. Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of each candidate’s impact on diversity, demonstrated leadership, and academic background.

The program is open to qualified students who meet all the minimum qualifications. Women interested in gaming are strongly encouraged to apply.

Who Can Apply For The Gaming Scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for the Generation Google Scholarship: for women in gaming, applicants must:

  1. Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at a university for the current academic year
  2. Intend to be enrolled in or accepted as a full-time student in a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program at an accredited university in Europe, Middle East or Africa for the current academic year
  3. Be studying video game programing, game engineering, game design and development, or a closely related field in gaming
  4. Demonstrate a strong academic record
  5. Exemplify leadership and demonstrate passion for increasing the involvement of women in gaming

Application Process For Women In Gaming Scholarship

You will be asked to complete an online application which includes:

  1. General background information (e.g. contact information and details about your current and intended universities)
  2. Resume/CV
  3. Academic transcripts from your current and prior institutions (if you have earned a prior degree)
  4. DD Form 2-14 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD-214), or Active Duty orders and a Memorandum of Understanding from your commanding officer that you are currently in good standing with your unit
  5. One letter of reference from a professor, instructor, adviser or supervisor
  6. Responses to three short essay questions (see keywords to use for scholarship essays)
  7. Recipients will be selected based on the overall strength of their essays and application materials compared to the entire applicant pool

Essay Questions For Google Gaming Scholarship:

The five short answer essay questions below are intended to assess your gaming experience, demonstrated leadership, commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and financial need. Each response to the five questions below should be 300 words or less.

Essay Question 1

How did you become interested in gaming, and what are your goals or aspirations when you think about pursuing a degree in this field? In your answer, please describe how your experiences have influenced the goals you have for yourself.

Essay Question 2

Please describe the most significant technical project or research you have worked on, how you approached key challenges, and what you gained from the experience. It might have been a class assignment, a research project or work as an intern. If the project was team-based, specify your individual role and contributions in the project. Treat this essay as a technical report or research paper. Feel free to use tables, references, or figures.

Essay Question 3

Please give us one example of how you have exhibited leadership. Explain how you were influential, what you were trying to achieve and the impact you had as a result. These need not be demonstrated through formal or traditional leadership roles. Think broadly and examine the many ways you are having an effect on the members of your technical community, your university or your broader community.

Essay Question 4

What is a significant challenge that you believe women in the gaming industry face and how do you see yourself as being part of the solution(s) to this challenge? Keep in mind that impact can happen in many ways and at different scales.

Essay Question 5

What impact would receiving this scholarship have on your education? Describe any circumstances affecting your need for a scholarship and what educational goals this scholarship will enable you to accomplish.

Terms And Conditions For Women in Gaming Scholarship

  1. The Generation Google Scholarship: for women in gaming is open to qualified students who meet the eligibility criteria. Women interested in gaming are strongly encouraged to apply.
  2. The scholarship award must be spent on tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for the students’ classes at their primary university. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled as full time students for the current academic year.
  3. Enrollment will be verified after the winners are selected, and all scholarship payments will be made directly to the student to be used towards tuition and education-related expenses.
  4. Google will withhold the award for any scholar who no longer meets the eligibility requirements and revoke the award for any scholar who does not maintain the eligibility requirements.
  5. Selected recipients will receive instructions from Google on how to receive the award. Failure to complete these steps by the specified deadline will disqualify recipients from receiving the award.
  6. Recipients may defer their award for up to one (1) year from the time of originally planned payment on a case by case basis as determined by Google.
  7. Google employees are not eligible to apply for Google scholarships.
  8. Persons who are (1) residents of embargoed countries, (2) ordinarily resident in embargoed countries, or (3) otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs may not apply for this scholarship.

How To Apply

For questions email [email protected].

Google is happy to address any questions directly related to the Generation Google Scholarship, but are unable to respond to other inquiries. Google will not respond to spam, barraging messages, or messages that are primarily inflammatory or exploitative in nature.

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Worth of Scholarship

Selected students will receive a 7,000 EUR award (or local equivalent) for the current academic year



Application Deadline


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