Japan Student Visa – How To Apply

Getting A Japan Student Visa

Japan Student Visa is now available for aspirants who intend to study in Japan. If you’re thinking about continuing your academic career in another country, Japan is a great location to start. This is a country known for its high educational standards and exposure to the competitive globe. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about obtaining a Japan student visa!

Japan Student Visa – Studying In Japan

Japan is a country that has established itself as a global center for education and industry development. One of the finest methods to obtain exposure to the international corporate world is to continue your academic career in Japan. Understanding how to apply for a Japan student visa might help you expedite your academic preparations.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about getting a student visa in Japan!

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Important Information on Student Visas in Japan

For citizens of various nations throughout the world, the Japanese government maintains a fantastic visa exemption policy. The exemption is only allowed for short-term events, such as conferences, business meetings, short-term courses, or tourism visits.

If you want to study in Japan, you must apply for a Japan student visa without any legal complications.

What kind of Japan student visa should I apply for?

Student visas in Japan are a form of long-term visa.
The Student Visa is accepted by language schools, universities, and vocational schools in Japan.

The first step in getting a Japan student visa is to figure out what kind of visa you need (on the course of your study).

Types of Japan Student Visas

The following are the three types of Japanese student visas:

Japan student visa for short-term courses (up to 90 days)

On a Japan student visa waiver, people from all over the world can visit Japan for a maximum of 90 days.

You may want to consider taking short-term courses, such as language courses, while you are in the country.

It is necessary to have a return ticket in order to be eligible for a 90-day Japan visa waiver.

Japan student visa for less than 20 weeks but more than 90 days

You can extend your stay for an additional 90 days if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, or Germany.

This is a procedure that begins whenever you submit an application to Japan’s Ministry of Justice (before the first 90 days of your visa waiver have expired).

Japan student visa for long-term courses (20 weeks to 2 years)

This is one of the most popular types of Japan student visas for students seeking higher education in the country.
To be eligible for this student visa, you must be at least 18 years old and have completed at least 12 years of schooling.

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Japan Student Visa Requirements

During the registration procedure for a student visa in Japan, you will be required to submit many documents. Among them are:

  1. The completed Japan student visa application form, which you can obtain from the Japanese government’s official website.
  2. 2 to 3 photocopies of your passport, both valid and original.
  3. The following guidelines must be followed while taking passport-size photos:
    1. High-quality picture (sharp, clear, and focused).
    2. Your face should be completely visible.
    3. You should be staring directly at the camera, with a neutral expression.
    4. A plain white background is essential, without any shadows, colors, or design.
    5. The photograph should be within the last 3 months before you apply for a Japan student visa.
    6. The dimensions of the photograph are as follows – 4 centimeters by 3 centimeters (4cm x 3cm).
  4. A validated Certificate of Eligibility will also be required.
  5. Letter of Admission to a Japanese educational institution is a necessity. It should provide specific information on the course and its duration.
  6. All academic and/or professional credentials are necessary (diplomas, undergraduate degrees, and transcripts).
  7. You should also disclose evidence of financial financial backing or resources to sustain your stay in the country.

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Other Required Documents For A Japan Students Visa:

During your student visa application, you will need to produce one or more of the following documents as proof:

  1. Income or bank statements.
  2. Proof of a scholarship awarded.
  3. Proof of financial aid.
  4. A Letter of Sponsorship along with the sponsor’s bank statements and proof of income.
  5. In some instances, you may also need to submit a Cover or Motivational Letter explaining why you are visiting Japan.
  6. Finally, the educational institution that has granted you a seat must send a Letter of Guarantee or Letter of Invitation.

Application Procedure For Japan Student Visa

The application process for a student visa is as follows:

  1. Send all the required documents to the ISI Education Center. You will be routed to the payment channel to pay the application fee once it has been received.
  2. The ISI will submit an application for a COE (Certificate of Eligibility) on your behalf to the ISA (Immigration Services Agency) in Japan.
  3. You will get a Letter of Acceptance and an approved COE if the ISA determines that you are qualified for admission.
  4. You will get an invoice for tuition and related expenses after the COE has been issued. Prior to the due date, the initial payments must be fulfilled via bank remittance.
  5. You will receive original documents and information on how to enter Japan after your payment has been confirmed.
  6. After that, you can apply for a visa at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.
  7. You must book a flight and upload your e-ticket details to your visa application form as an image.


  1. Japan is a country with outstanding educational infrastructure and high-quality training.
  2. Pursuing higher education in this country will provide you with a diverse set of talents that are in high demand in the global business sector.
  3. Understanding the various types of visas, the required papers, and the application process can make the journey to Japan for your study go more smoothly.

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Study In Japan FAQs

Q1. What is ‘campus mate-J’?

Answer – ‘Campusmate – J’ is an online portal provided by the ISI Japanese Language School to help support student life in the country.

Q2. How will I receive my Certificate of Eligibility?

Answer – The school you apply to will be in charge of handling your Certificate of Eligibility application on your behalf. All correspondences will be taken care of by the school.

Q3. Do I need to submit a certificate of previous Japanese studies?

Answer – Some universities in Japan may require you to submit a certificate of previous Japanese studies. This is, however, dependent on the school you apply to.

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