German Student Visa

How to Apply for a German Student Visa

Majority of international students will most probably require a German student visa at a German embassy in their nation before they can go to Germany to study. The numbers of foreign students picking Germany for their abroad education are increasingly growing every year.

Conditional on the nation you come from, you might be excused from requiring a German Student Visa to school in Germany, but you are still expected to secure a residence permit for studies lasting over 90 days, when you arrive in Germany.

Do You Require a German Student Visa to School In Germany?

For programs that last up to 3 months, you require a Schengen visa.
For programs that last for over 3 months, you require a German national visa
If you get into Germany with a national visa you are required to extend your stay by obtaining a German residence permit for schooling at the Foreigner’s Office. You should do this before your entry visa expires.

The first thing you should do is to find out if you require a German Student Visa to study in Germany as a foreign student, and if you do need one, what type of visa you are required to apply for putting into consideration the length and nature of your planned program. Learn about best German universities for international students.

Types of Germany Study Visas

You may be granted a German Student Visa for schooling for a variety of study levels and degree programs. This comprises undergraduate, graduate, exchange, or postgraduate education. This also entails involvement in a pre-academic measure or in a non-academic German language program.

There are three types of Germany student visas you can submit an application for:

  1. German Student Visa. This is the typical student visa for foreign students who have been granted admission to a German university and are prepared to commence their program at a full-time university program.
  2. German Student Applicant Visa. You require this visa if you have to be in Germany to submit application for university admission in person. This visa does not permit you to school in Germany, it’s only valid for the study application process.
  3. German Language Course Visa. You require this type of visa to study for a German language program in Germany.

Learn about other German visa types.

German Student Visa Requirements

The most crucial requirements for your Germany student visa application are:

  1. Visa Application Documents.
    Appropriately completed and signed national visa application form.
    Your valid national passport.
    Two photocopies of your passport.
    Your certificate of birth.
    Your marriage certificate. (If applicable).
    Your child’s certificate of birth. (If applicable).
    Your latest passport-style photographs. (Up to 3).
    Photocopies of former German residence titles. (If applicable).
    Previous Schengen visa.
    Previous German resident permit.
  2. Proof of Financial Resources “Finanzierungsnachweis”. (One of the ensuing)
    €10,332 deposit verification at a German blocked bank account.
    Letter of commitment and proof of your parent’s earnings records and financial resources.
    Letter of commitment from a German resident who is going to cover your expenses during your studies “Verpflichtungserklärung”.
    Scholarship awarding certificate. It has to show the amount of expenses it provides.
    Bank guarantee. Granted to you by a known German bank.
  3. Proof of University Admission.
  4. Proof of your earlier education.
    Original school-leaving certificate.
    Degree certificate. (Master or PhD studies).
  5. Student Health Insurance.
  6. University entrance qualification.
  7. Certificate of German or English Language Adeptness.

Belgian Student Visa

How to Apply for a German Student Visa

The German student visa application procedure can be an unclear process for many foreign students. The processes vary from nation to nation, but you can have a general outline of the major steps you are required to go through below.

Steps to apply for a German Student Visa:

  1. Locate The Closest German Embassy.
  2. Go over the Requirements and processes.
  3. Set Up A Visa Appointment.
  4. Have the entire Visa Application Documents Ready.
  5. Practice your German student visa interview questions and answers.

You will have to pay the visa application fee (€60.00 – €75.00) and have the payment receipt with you on the day of your visa interview. You should get yourself ready in advance for your interview. After the interview is finished, you will get the official response whether your visa application has been approved or rejected. You may want to learn how to pass the German citizenship test.


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