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Nurses are the eyes, ears, and voice between physicians and patients in the health-care system. They are frequently seen checking on patients, especially when the physicians are not there. Nurses are also expected to provide all essential care to help patients recover. Do you want to enroll in a nursing college in Johannesburg? Keep reading to chose from an array of nursing colleges in Johannesburg.

How Do I Become A Nurse In Johannesburg?

It requires a lot of devotion to become a nurse anywhere in the world especially in Johannesburg, South Africa. The first step is to obtain a diploma from a recognized nursing school. A list of nursing colleges in Joburg is shown below.

Nursing Colleges In Johannesburg
Studying To Become A Nurse

There are approved colleges located around South Africa that offer nursing education to interested students. The following are the top and most sought-after nursing colleges in Johannesburg.

Best Nursing Colleges In Johannesburg

Khanyisa Nursing School
Lunghile Nursing School
Netcare Training Academy
Ann Latsky Nursing College
Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College
Mpilo Royal College Of Health Education
Lethukukhanya Health Institute

Joburg Nursing Colleges Admission Requirements

Khanyisa Nursing School

Khanyisa Nursing School is a private higher learning institution whose purpose is to educate and train nursing students in the most cost-effective manner possible. The nursing college has four campuses: the main campus in Johannesburg, Kroonstan, Witbank, and Tonga, which are all sub-campuses.

Degrees Requirements
Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing Applicants accredited with CHE, registered with SAQA, and those provisionally registered with DHET.
Diploma in Nursing Applicants accredited with CHE, registered with SAQA, provisionally registered with DHET, and those waiting for SANC accreditation.
Bridging Course
Diploma in Midwifery

Lunghile Nursing School

Lunghile Nursing School offers a nationally and globally recognized professional nursing education for all levels of nursing. The institution, which has campuses in Johannesburg and East London, is designed to provide nursing students with certificates in auxiliary nursing (1 year), diplomas (3 years), and degrees (4 years) as they begin or change professions in nursing. Lunghile Nursing School is known for producing nurses that are highly industrious and competent in the industry, owing to the mentality of hard work they instill in its graduates.

Degrees Requirements
Certificate The minimum entry requirement is a C- in relevant combinations of subjects: mathematics, physical science, biology, physics, chemistry, English.
Diploma and Degree A total of C plain or above in English and biology and a C- in one of Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry

Netcare Training Academy

Netcare Training Academy is one of the oldest nursing schools in South Africa. It began 32 years ago and has since developed into a network of six campuses, with its headquarters in Sandton. Joburg, Pretoria, Kwazulu-Natal, the Western Cape, and the Eastern Cape are among the others. They provide training and certification in general nursing (2 years), basic diploma in nursing (4 years), post-basic diploma in nursing (1 year), bachelor’s degree in nursing (4 years), diploma in nursing (3 years), higher certificate in auxiliary nursing (1 year), and advanced diploma in midwifery (1 year) across these campuses.

There are different entrance criteria for each subject a student wishes to pursue.

Degrees Requirements
Certificate course in nursing C- in a combination of relevant subjects.
Diploma Aggregate of C plain and C plain or above in English, Biology and a C- in one of Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics.

Ann Latsky Nursing College

In the 1980s, Ann Latsky Nursing College was known as Witwatersrand College of Nursing. Because the institution is linked with the University of Johannesburg, all of the education and training it provides adheres to the university’s policies. A four-year basic nursing diploma program is offered by the nursing college. Students will be examined both in theory and in practice during their clinical training.

The overall admittance criteria for candidates to the college varies based on their qualifications.

Degrees Requirements
Senior Certificate Applicants with thus should have an English pass rate of at least D HG or C SG and a biology pass rate of at least D HG or C SG. A minimum of 15 points is necessary to obtain admission to Phase 2.
National Senior Certificate Applicants with this should have an English pass rate of at least 50%, life science pass rate of 50%. A minimum of 25 points is necessary to obtain admission to Phase 2.
Candidates who meet any of the criteria will be invited for phase 2 after which those successful will be invited for phase 3 interview.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College

The Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, which also owns the Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College, is Africa’s largest and the world’s third-largest hospital. The hospital opened in 1942, and the nursing college opened 40 years later, in 1982. It is organized into many divisions, one of which is a self-contained nursing college.

Students can participate in a 4-year nursing diploma program, a 2-year course for enrolled nurses, post-basic nursing science courses (1-year midwifery course), advanced diplomas in midwifery, and neonatal nursing science at the nursing college.

Mpilo Royal College Of Health Education

Mpilo Royal College Of Health Education is one of Joburg’s newest nursing institutions, having been established only 16 years ago. The institution specializes in providing health education to historically underserved populations and has made significant progress in this area. They provide education leading to the issuance of a nursing diploma and an advanced diploma in midwifery.

An applicant must satisfy the following requirements in order to be admitted to any of these courses.

Degrees Requirements
Diploma in Nursing: Staff Nurse NQF Level 6: (3-years) Applicants must have National Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification at exit levels 3 and 4.
They should also pass these subjects communication skills at NQF Level 4, mathematical literacy at NQF Level 4, computer literacy at NQF Level 3, and life science at NQF level 4.
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery NQF Level 7 (1 Year) Applicants who are desirous of enrolling into this program must have the relevant and equivalent nursing/ Staff nurse and/or Professional nurse (General).
Candidate should also poses a National Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification at exit level 3 and 4.
The subjects they need to pass are the same as those for the diploma in the nursing program.

Nursing Diploma Entry Requirements

Though different nursing colleges in and outside of Johannesburg have distinct standards that all students intending to study nursing in their college must meet, the South African Nursing Council (SANC) regulations state that all students wishing to study nursing in their college must meet the requirements below;

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualification at exit level 3 or 4
  • English Proficiency (50-59%)
  • Life Orientation (50-59%)
  • First additional or home language (50-59%), and
  • Four other subjects (50-59%).
  • Contrary to popular belief, passing mathematics and/or physical sciences topics is not required in certain nursing schools.

Nursing Degree Entry Requirements

A mandatory practical clinical training component and a theoretical component are both required for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science. Students who finish their coursework and pass all of their exams are qualified to register with the SANC as professional nurses and midwives.

The following are the admission criteria for a Bachelor’s degree in nursing at most South African universities:

  • Passes in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC)
  • First additional or home language (50-59%)
  • Life Orientation (50-59%),
  • English (50-59%)

FAQs On Nursing Colleges In Johannesburg

Which is easier: a nursing degree from a university or a nursing diploma from a nursing college?

A nursing certificate or diploma can be obtained in 1 to 3 years from a nursing college, while a nursing degree can be obtained in 4 years from a university. As a result, you have complete freedom of choice, but it is contingent on how far you want to take your career, as a certificate has restrictions.

Nursing Colleges Vs Nursing Universities

When you go through the nursing college path rather than enrolling directly into a university to study the same degree, it usually takes less time to qualify as a nurse. In both a nursing college and a university, the course structure is slightly different, albeit the curriculum is nearly same.

Universities are more theoretical than nursing institutes, which are more practical. Whether you studied nursing at a college or university, the certificate you will receive at the conclusion of your studies is equally crucial to consider.

What is the timeframe for studying nursing in a nursing college?

The length of your studies in a nursing college might range from one to three years, depending on the program you have enrolled in.

A nursing diploma is earned after completing a three-year program.
You can receive a higher certificate in auxiliary nursing after completing a one-year program.

After earning a nursing degree, what’s next?

You will be eligible to work as a registered nurse or an enrolled nurse in any hospital or health facility where your services are needed once you complete your studies at a nursing college and pass all of your exams.

You can also get a Master’s degree in nursing to improve your education.

What is the minimum number of years to study nursing?

The least number of years you will study at a university is four, however this might be greater in different nations.

A bachelor’s degree in nursing (BCur– Bachelor of Nursing Science, Education, and Administration) may be earned after four years of education.

You may want to explore other nursing universities in South Africa

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