Albert Einstein Scholarship in Germany 2024

Applications are open for the Albert Einstein Scholarship in 2024. With the scholarship award, the Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Benz Foundation are looking to offer exceptional young scientists from Germany and overseas the chance to execute a research project that is outside of their past work.

The objective of the Albert Einstein Scholarship award is to assist those young Universalists who – like Albert Einstein – are not only distinguished by their exceptional accomplishments in a particular scientific field, but also by their interdisciplinary devotion.

The scholarship award is connected to a stay in the Einstein’s summer house in Caputh, which takes between five and six months. The Einsteinhaus is a house of importance in terms of both science and architecture history, with links to the universities of Berlin and Potsdam.

The Einstein Forum is an establishment of the German federal state of Brandenburg that helps the public as an open laboratory of the mind. Via a varied program of seminars, conferences, podium discourses, and lectures it brings together criticak thinkers from all around the world to test new concepts—and question orthodox ones—with a general audience.

Topics cut across the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities, ethics and politics. Whatever the field, speakers are admonished to reason outside conventional academic borders. Their multidisciplinary focus inspires dialogue not only among professionals from various fields but also, and just as significantly, between specialists and the public generally. Underlying the Einstein Forum’s programming, together with the books and articles published by the staff, is an enduring belief that thinking has a function above and beyond advancing intellectual and scientific knowledge.

Albert Einstein Scholarship

Type – Postgraduate
Organisation – Einstein Forum
Country to study – Germany
Course to study – Not specified
Gender – Men and Women
Application Deadline – May 15,

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Benefits of Albert Einstein Scholarship

The scholarship award beneficiary gets a grant of EUR 10,000 and also the travel costs incurred. The award is intended to provide living costs and project costs incurred during your fellowship program period.

Eligibility for Albert Einstein Scholarship

Applicants should be under 35 years of age
Have a qualified university degree in humanities, social or natural science subject.
Your proposed project must not be part of your dissertation or thesis, and the application documents must be in English. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on the project you may propose provided that you can defend your idea as interesting, original, and achievable during the fellowship program period. Please also put into consideration whether the facilities accessible to you would appropriately enable you to pursue your project.

Evaluation Criteria

The assessment of the applications happens based on the quality, originality and achievability of the project proposals and also according to the scientific background of the candidate. It is of no consequence here whether a doctorate has already been commenced or concluded. The proposed project does not have to be completed within the given timeframe, but can serve as a starting point for a new, longer project.

Interview date, Process and Venue for Albert Einstein Scholarship

They will acknowledge receipt of your submission as soon as possible. The application evaluation and interview processes start in June, with ultimate decisions published by the end of July.

Documents Required for Application
Two recommendation letters.
2 Page Project proposal

How to Apply for Albert Einstein Scholarship

Interested and qualified? Go to Einstein Forum on to apply

The applications for 2024 must comprise a CV and an description of the activities proposed under the grant project (both in English) and comprise two academic references.

For additional details, call or fax the Einstein Forum at:
phone: +49-331-271780
fax: +49-331-2717827

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