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DUT Online Application is now open for the current session. Durban University of Technology has started accepting applications for its DUT Online Application. Prospective students can start the application process for study admission at Durban University of Technology.

In this post, we’ll talk about the Durban University of Technology’s online application for 2024, including its opening and closing dates as well as information on how to apply online for DUT Admission

We’ll also look at things like the DUT application fee and the document outlining the prerequisites.

Additionally, we’ll address some of the frequently asked queries regarding the DUT online application for 2024.

DUT Online Application 2024

The Durban University of Technology’s Admission Board has opened the DUT 2024 online application. Those who wish to apply for admission to study at DUT may do so.

Both undergraduate and graduate applicants may submit a DUT 2024 application online.

Courses Offered At DUT

The Durban University of Technology (DUT) once more offers all the best university courses for all degrees, including certificates, diplomas, degrees, and PhDs.

Courses That Require 20 Points Or Less

DUT Online Application 2024 Opening Date

On April 1, 2024, Durban University of Technology (DUT) will begin accepting applications for the academic year 2024. Candidates can start applying to submit their applications.

DUT Online Application 2024 Closing Date

The deadline for applications to study at Durban University of Technology (DUT) for the academic year 2024 admissions is September 30, 2024. Applicants must submit their applications before the stipulated deadline.

Application Opening Date Application Closing Date
01-Apr-24 30-Sep-24

Before the Durban University of Technology 2024 application closes, applicants who wish to attend DUT in 2024 are recommended to submit their applications as soon as feasible.

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How To Apply To DUT Online

  1. Go to www.cao.ac.za
  2. Click on Apply
  3. Complete the application process by providing all required information
  4. Upload all required supporting documents
  5. Pay your application fee
  6. Submit your application

Note: Your DUT online application for admission to the Durban University of Technology should be accessible through the Central Applications Office (CAO).

The Central Applications Office (CAO) online application portal is where prospective students should submit their applications for admission to DUT.

DUT Online Application Requirements

To successfully complete the application for admission to Durban University of Technology, prospective applicants must fulfill all application requirements and submit all relevant documentation.

Personal information and academic records that will aid in your admission to DUT may be included in the application requirements.

Application Requirements For South African Citizens

  1. Certified copy of Identification Documents (ID)
  2. Certified copy of your final Grade 11 results or your National Senior/Matric/ IEB Certificate (if you have already completed Grade 12).
  3. An Email Address
  4. Cell phone number

DUT Online Application Requirements For Internatioinal Students

  1. Copy of home country passport (valid and not expired)
  2. A Copy of School qualification
  3. Copy of applicant’s tertiary academic qualification (if applicable)
  4. English proficiency
  5. South African study permit

Typically, applications to DUT are submitted online through the Central Applications Office (CAO), and the website for the 2024 academic year will be open for applications from 4 March 2024 through 30 September 2024.

DUT Application Fee

International students will pay a fee of R300, while South African citizens enrolling to DUT through the Central Applications Office (CAO) will pay a non-refundable fee of R250.

Application processing costs are paid via the Central Applications Office and during the application procedure.

Additionally, before making any payments, we suggest you verify the application costs to determine if there have been any changes to the payable amount.

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Contact Details For Durban University Of Technology

Inquiries about DUT online applications for 2024 can be sent personally using the contact information provided below.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 031 373 2000 (DBN) / 033 845 8800 (PMB)

FAQs On DUT Online Applications

Let’s examine some of the often asked queries with Durban University applications.

Is DUT Accepting Applications For 2024?

Yes, Durban University of Technology (DUT) will accept applications from 1 April 2024 through 30 September 2024. The Central Applications Office is where applicants must submit their applications (CAO).

Also keep in mind that CAO will be accepting applications from 4 March 2024 through 30 September 2022. This implies that you may submit your application before the DUT deadline.

How Much Is DUT Application Fee?

South African nationals who apply to the Durban University of Technology through the Central Applications Office must pay an application fee of R250, while international students must pay R300.

There are no refunds for applications.

How Do I Apply Online For DUT?

Through the Central Applications Office (CAO) site at www.cao.ac.za, you can submit an online application to DUT for an admission place for the 2024 admissions application cycle.

Are Students at DUT Funded by NSFAS?

Yes, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme funds students attending the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

However, in order to receive financing from NSFAS, students must be eligible and have their applications approved.

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