Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Mechanical Engineer

Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada occupies the mind of most mechanical engineers wishing to migrate to Canada. In a nation like Canada, with large sectors like trucking, mining, hydro-electric, manufacturing, farming, and so on, there are continuing chances for mechanical engineers to find decent work in fields they are interested in, in provinces and cities where you wish to reside. Knowing where to look for the best mechanical engineering jobs in Canada is as much about how you want to live as it is about finding a decent opportunity.

Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada

Before delving into some of the more specialized occupations in Canada for mechanical engineers, let’s take a look at where to locate the best-paying positions by province, as well as some of the advantages of settling in each. You might want to get a grasp on how to get accredited to work in Canada before reading further.

Mechanical engineer wages in Canada are among the highest in the world when compared to the rest of the developed world. In fact, only the United States and Australia pay more on average. The position for foreign employees in the former is precarious at best, and the country is simply not as fascinating in the latter, but more on that later. In a hierarchical order, the table below gives a snapshot of the average mechanical engineer salary by province.

Average Mechanical Engineer Salary By Province In Canada

Province Average Salary per year
Northwest Territories $90,070 per annum
Yukon $77,917 per annum
Alberta $74,409 per annum
Newfoundland & Labrador $72,799 per annum
Manitoba $69,686 per annum
Saskatchewan $68,679 per annum
British Columbia $65,069 per annum
Prince Edward Island $65,000 per annum
New Brunswick $64,668 per annum
Ontario $64,551 per annum
Quebec $61,113 per annum
Nova Scotia $59,293 per annum

Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs In Canada

Where to Find the Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada

Every Canadian province or territory is distinct from the next, and each offers a unique industry in which a mechanical engineer may find a career that matches their abilities and training. Some jurisdictions have more employment vacancies than others, but they also have more competent engineers to compete with.

Atlantic Canada

That Atlantic region of Canada includes Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. As you can see from the table above, the average incomes in this region are comparable to those in the rest of Canada. The reason for this is because, while these provinces are not as inhabited and therefore developed as Ontario and British Columbia, there is a greater demand for engineers in the developing industry. The region also a hub for some of the highest paying trade jobs in Canada.

Ontario and British Columbia

Scores of engineering businesses may be found in the big cities of Toronto and Vancouver. Do a fast search on one of the numerous Canadian job search sites to discover how many mechanical engineering jobs are available in Ontario and British Columbia. Ontario is also home to some of the highest paying IT jobs in Canada.

Alberta and Saskatchewan

The prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan are a fantastic area to call home, as they are the birthplace of major mechanical engineering headquarters like as Jacobs and Stantec. Here, machine and technological design are the rule of the day. From agricultural to hydro, engineers are needed in the traditional jobs for which they were educated. The strong demand for competent, experienced engineers has created a fantastic market with high wages in a low-cost-of-living province of Canada. The region double up as a province for high paying social jobs in Canada.

Yukon and the Northwest Territories

Prepare for adventure if you pick the territories. Up north, you’ll need a large pickup truck, a lot of guts, and a decent sense of humor. Mining is the rule of the day, and the pay and lifestyle are second to none. Some of the greatest fishing in the world, as well as completely unspoiled environment, are waiting for you. The region prides itself of having some of the best Oil and Gas jobs in Canada as well.

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Mechanical Engineer

You will have two alternatives as a skilled foreign worker. You can apply for permanent residency in Canada directly through the Express Entry System, or you can apply for a province nomination through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

If you use Canadian Express Entry, you will not need a job offer, and you may express your interest in a province, and if they want you, they will issue you a provincial nomination. If you go this path, you may become a permanent resident in as little as 6 months. Nevertheless, competition is strong, and each month, only a limited number of competent foreign employees are invited to apply for permanent residency. If you satisfy the program’s standards, this is your first and best choice. You can also explore other easy ways in to immigrate to Canada.

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