Diploma In Law Entry Requirements 2024/2025

Law Diploma And General Prerequisites

Diploma In Law Entry Requirements has been published for aspirants wishing to enroll for a diploma in law. The Diploma in Law program is designed to fulfill the present demand for paralegals with a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and abilities. The program includes sections that are specifically tailored to provide students with the practical skills required for paralegal work.

What Does Diploma In Law Entail?

The goal of this certification is for students to develop knowledge, abilities, and experience in general areas of law, as well as the application and social context of law, so that they can provide primary legal services to the general public and support to legal professionals.

Why Enroll For A Diploma In Law?

The student will be prepared to serve as investigating officers, court clerks, legal assistants, and case-management officers in governmental and non-governmental organizations by the end of the course.

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Objectives of Law Diploma Programme

The aim of the diploma in law program is to;

  1. To teach the learner how to undertake legal research and apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations.
  2. Enable candidates to learn how to think critically and analytically about legal issues.
  3. To provide learners with practical skills such as public relations, computer skills, and record management abilities so that they can compete more effectively in the job market.

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Diploma in Law Entry Requirements

Graduates Entry Requirements

  1. Holders of a recognized third-level institution’s non-legal degree.
  2. International graduates’ applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Graduates must include copies of their academic transcripts, as well as their final degree results, in their application.
  4. For verification purposes, originals or certified true copies must be presented during registration.
  5. All applicants will be contacted for an interview, which may take place over the phone or in person.

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Non-graduate applicants entry requirement

  1. Non-graduates with verifiable and relevant legal work experience are also encouraged to apply.
  2. The e applicants must provide a full CV with two written references, as well as a cover letter detailing their interest in the course and relevant work experience, in addition to a completed application form.
  3. All applicants will be contacted for an interview, which may take place over the phone or in person.

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General Requirement For Diplomas in Law

  1. To complete the course effectively, you must have a suitable level of English proficiency. For applicants whose first language is not English, an IELTS or TOEFL score should be provided. Certificates from language schools are not accepted.
  2. Before registering, applicants must send a copy of their passport or driver’s license as well as proof of address.
  3. Until the course is fully applied for, applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. All applications are evaluated solely on merit, based on academic performance and other information provided throughout the application process.
  5. The Diploma Centre will not be held liable for any agreements, obligations, or responsibilities made by the applicant as a result of their acceptance to the programme.

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