Honors Scholarship at QUT in Australia 2024

Queensland University of Technology Honors Scholarship

Honors Scholarship at QUT is now open for application. The Queensland University of Technology is providing Honors Scholarship at QUT for foreign students who desire to obtain a Bachelor degree within the School of Chemistry and Physics in Australia.

Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a foremost university that provides student facilities and exceptional teaching. The university intends to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and back the industries that will define the future.

Candidates at this university have a lot of chances to improve their capabilities, grow their communication skills, and also to improve their personalities. During their schooling, they will gain from practical training and the newest technologies.

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Honors Scholarship at QUT Information:

Host School: Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
Department: School of Chemistry and Physics.
Study Levels: Honours (Bachelor of Science).
Scholarship Value: $10,000 for one year.
Eligible Subjects: STEM subjects.

Apply For Scholarships For STEM Courses

Eligibility for Honors Scholarship at QUT

  1. The Honors Scholarship at QUT is available for both local and foreign students.
    Eligible subjects are in the field of Science, technology, and engineering, and mathematics. (Provided by the Queensland University of Technology).
  2. Candidates are required to already have a place in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) and should commence the Semester.
  3. Eligible candidates are required to hold a bachelor’s degree diploma or equivalent in the relevant domain.
    Candidates are required to be doing researches within the fields of chemistry or physics.
  4. Candidates are required to be under the supervision of an academic staff member of the School of Chemistry and Physics.
  5. Eligible candidates are required to demonstrate good English skills.
  6. Applicants enrolling full time in the BSc program.
  7. Candidates are required to display enthusiasm, motivation, flexibility, and confidence.
  8. If English is not the applicants’ first language, they are required to offer evidence of English language adeptness: IELTS, TOEFL, or other acceptable evidence.

How to Apply for Honors Scholarship at QUT

  1. To apply for this scholarship award, the candidates are required to first apply for the Bachelor of Science and secure admission.
  2. Candidates who have not yet applied for Bachelor of Science (Honours) can also submit an application for the scholarship award. But they are required to be admitted in the university to be given consideration for the scholarship.
  3. After being admitted, candidates are required to fill out and submit the scholarship application form.
  4. Candidates are required to prepare a brief personal statement detailing why they chose the program, and what are their enthusiasms for the research.
  5. Candidates might be asked some questions concerning their project.
  6. You might be required to submit a copy of your academic transcript.
  7. You will be queried about your proposed project with a short personal statement covering your suitability and enthusiasm for the research. 

Ensure you are ready for the questions and have a copy of your academic transcript at hand. This form cannot be saved and if it is left unattended to for an long amount of time (about 30 minutes) the system will log you out, and you’ll lose your progress.

You can submit an application for this scholarship award before you know the result of your application for the Bachelor of Science (Honours), but you have to be offered admission in the honours degree and accept it to be qualified to receive the scholarship.

What happens next?

They will evaluate your application against conditions based on:

Your former academic performance, denoted by your grade point average (GPA)
The viability of your proposed research.


To keep the Honors Scholarship at QUT, you have to:

  1. Keep a full-time enrolment in your honours degree
  2. Keep a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 5 (on a 7-point scale).
  3. QUT retains the right to withdraw the scholarship award after the first semester of offering, if a beneficiary’s progress be deemed unacceptable and/or the beneficiary fails to maintain a minimum GPA of 5 per semester, and pass all coursework.

Application Deadline


Visit here to apply for the scholarship

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