Religious Schools in the US

Search For Religious Schools in The United States

Religious Schools in the US abounds for students who intend to combine education and faith, while pursuing academic excellence. For many international students coming to the United States, religion is a major consideration. According to the United States Department of Education, over 7,000 schools and universities in the United States disclose a religious affiliation, with over 50 distinct religious affiliations to select from.

Religious Schools in the US

If you’re an international student looking for religious schools in the United States, we can help you sort through the maze of colleges and universities. Many of the first schools were based on religious grounds, and you can currently find top-rated religious institutions in the United States that give both mental and spiritual education.

To mention a few, there are schools in the United States that are based on Roman Catholic, Jesuit, Presbyterian, Jewish, and Episcopal values. Read our expanding collection of articles to learn more about each of these religious schools in the United States and to locate a school that combines religion and education.

Attending Religious Schools in the US

Religious Schools in the US
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US Jewish Colleges and Universities

International students interested in pursuing a college or graduate degree can do so at a Jewish college or Institution. Learn more about what to anticipate and what a Jewish institution or university has to offer you if you’re seeking for a top-notch education paired with Judaic principles. Get further information

US Methodist Colleges and Universities

Students seeking for Methodist institutions in the United States may discover a wide range of options. This include research universities, seminaries, historically Black colleges and universities (including a medical school), and two-year colleges. Methodist schools can be found in rural, suburban, and urban settings across the United States. Find Out More

US Catholic Schools

International students seeking a unique religious experience may find US Catholic Schools to be the ideal place to complete their education. Catholic schools have a strong history of academic distinction as well as spiritual and cultural diversity on campus. Find Out More

US Jesuit Colleges and Universities

More information for international students interested in combining their higher education with Jesuit teaching may be found here. International students can choose from 28 Jesuit schools and institutions around the United States to further their education and religion. Find Out More

US Presbyterian Schools

International students know Presbyterian schools and universities for producing some of the highest-achieving graduates. International students will flourish academically and beyond due to small class numbers, low tuition, and a strong religion foundation. Find Out More

US Baptist Colleges and Universities

International students seeking a high-quality religious education may find a home at a Baptist institution. Small classrooms, highly-prepared teachers, and a focus on spiritual growth and development as well as academic brilliance are all features of these institutions. Find Out More

US Islamic Colleges and Universities

Islamic colleges and universities will benefit from the opportunity to study more about both the Quran and Muslim traditions. If you want to integrate your education with your beliefs, an Islamic school in the United States can be the right fit for you. Find Out More

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