How To Immigrate To British Columbia

Pathways To Immigrate To British Columbia

How To Immigrate To British Columbia is asked mostly by intending immigrants. A concise answer to the question is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program aims to expedite permanent residence applications for experienced and qualified professionals. It also allows company owners and their qualified family members to permanently settle in British Columbia.

About British Columbia

British Columbia (BC) is one of the most diverse provinces in Canada and is home to Vancouver, the country’s third-largest metropolis. Vancouver is frequently ranked as one of the greatest cities in the world to live in, making it a popular choice for immigrants.

Why Do Immigrants Prefer British Columbia’s PNP?

The British Columbia PNP was created to recruit foreign nationals with the required skills and expertise that the province was looking for. Foreign nationals applying through the BC PNP benefit from speedier processing timeframes than other Canadian immigration programs, which is only one of the benefits of applying for permanent residence through the British Columbia PNP.

What Is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program PNP, often known as the BC PNP, establishes immigration paths for qualified people who have the necessary work experience and training to fill in-demand jobs in British Columbia.

What Factors Influence BC PNP Pathways?

The immigration procedure and registration for the BC PNP are decided by which of the paths you are eligible for, which is determined by your:

  1. National Occupational Classification (NOC);
  2. Work Experience;
  3. Skill Level; or
  4. International Student Status.

How Do I Qualify For BC PNP?

In order to qualify for all British Columbia PNPs you will also need the following:

  1. Medical Certificate;
  2. Police Clearance;
  3. Biometrics; Security Checks; and
  4. Federal Checks.

If you succeed in getting a nomination from the province, you, your spouse or partner, and your dependent children can apply for permanent residence in British Columbia.

How To Immigrate To British Columbia

How To Immigrate To British Columbia
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How Can I Obtain Permanent Residence Through the BC PNP?

Those who successfully apply for permanent residence in Canada under the program will obtain a Provincial Nomination (PN) from the province.

Pathways To Immigrate To British Columbia

The four ways to immigrate to Canada through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program are as follows:

British Columbia PNP Categories

BC Express Entry Stream
BC Skills Immigration Stream
BC Entrepreneur Stream
BC Tech Pilot

BC Express Entry Stream

This stream allows the government of British Columbia to propose a set number of applicants from the Express Entry system, making it one of the quickest methods to get permanent residency in the province. This stream is divided into numerous additional categories, including the:

EE PNP Skilled Worker

This stream is for talented foreign workers with high-demand jobs who wish to not only come to British Columbia, but also to Canada and get permanent residency faster. You may want to explore how to get accredited to work in Canada.

EE PNP International Graduate

This route is for students who have just graduated from a Canadian university or college and wish to work and live in British Columbia, Canada. You may want to explore Jobs for International Student in Canada.

EE PNP International Post Graduate

This stream is for students who have just graduated with a master’s or doctoral degree in the natural, applied, or health sciences from a BC institution or college and wish to immigrate to British Columbia, Canada. You may want to explore how to obtain Canada Post Graduate Work Permit.

EE PNP Healthcare Professional

This stream is for healthcare professionals who wish to apply for permanent residence in British Columbia and may assist meet the need in the healthcare sectors as a physician, nurse, psychiatric nurse, or other allied healthcare professional.

BC Skills Immigration Stream

Apart from applying directly through the BC PNP Skills Immigration Stream on the BC PNP portal online for a fast-tracked processing time of 2-3 months, you can also apply for permanent residence through the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS) Category if you do not qualify for the previous immigration programs and work in the tourism/hospitality. You may want to explore how to immigrate to Canada without IELT.

How To Apply For BC Skills Immigration Stream

To apply for the British Columbia Skills Immigration Stream, you must do the following:

  1. Create an online profile and register with the BC PNP.
  2. Choose one of the five options:
  • a skilled worker;
  • a healthcare professional;
  • an international postgraduate;
  • an international graduate; or
  • Entry-level and semi-skilled workers

3. Receive a registration score and be entered into a pool of candidates for the category you choose;
Complete your registration when you receive your confirmation email.

BC Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is designed for experienced entrepreneurs who want to invest in and actively run a recognized enterprise in the province. Individuals must have prior ownership and management experience in a business. They must demonstrate their ability to:

  1. Establish yourself in British Columbia;
  2. Invest in new or existing businesses; and
  3. Hire Canadian nationals or permanent residents to provide substantial economic advantages to the province.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose British Columbia?

British Columbia is one of the most dynamic business environments in Canada. Its strategic position, cheap taxes, competitive operating expenses, and a multicultural workforce that is well-educated, highly talented, and productive help entrepreneurs.

If you are an investor looking to acquire or invest in a business in the province and actively run it, you can apply through one of the following business immigration streams:

Entrepreneur Base Category – to acquire an existing firm in British Columbia;

Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Category – to create a new business in British Columbia; or

Strategic Projects Category – for international businesses seeking to develop a subsidiary in British Columbia.

BC Tech Pilot

This program was designed to allow talented tech professionals to come to British Columbia through jobs identified as in demand by the Ministry of Jobs, Trade, and Technology. The initiative attempts to recruit skilled employees and international students by expediting the application for permanent residency. You may want to explore highest paying trade jobs in Canada and highest paying engineering jobs for immigrants in Canada.

What Jobs Are Available for the BC PNP Tech Pilot?

There are now 29 positions available through the BC PNP Tech Pilot program. The province selects qualifying candidates through weekly drawings under the scheme. You may want to explore highest paying IT Jobs in Canada.

Major Benefits of British Columbia Tech Pilot Program

  1. You do not need a Labour Market Impact Assessment; and
  2. You can get a work permit support letter that lets you:
  3. Renew your work permit; or
  4. Apply for a new work permit

Why Should I Relocate to Canada?

With a robust and thriving economy in Canada, relocating British Columbia  is one of the finest moves you can make when it comes to advancing your career. You may want to explore how to immigrate to Canada.

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