Teaching License In South Africa 2024/2025

How To Get A Teaching License In South Africa

Teaching License In South Africa is available to aspirants who desire to become teachers in South Africa. This page discusses how to obtain a teaching license in South Africa. There are specific conditions you must meet in order to become a teacher in South Africa, whether you are a citizen or a foreigner. Before you begin seeking for suitable opportunities, you must first obtain a teaching degree.

How to Get A Teaching License In South Africa

If you want to know exactly what you need to do to become a professional teacher in South Africa, you should look into what programs are required, as well as the basic qualifications and requirements.

Career Choices And Subject Required

Requirements To Become A Teacher In South Africa

1. National Senior Certificate (NSC)

Teachers get extensive training as part of the South African government’s commitment to improving the country’s educational standards.

You must must get a National Senior Certificate before being accepted for a degree program. The specifics of this credential will differ depending on the university you wish to attend. It could also be determined by whether you wish to educate younger or older students. The subjects you passed in your NSC will not matter as much if you want to be a primary school teacher. However, if you wish to teach an older child a specific subject, you must have passed the relevant classes.

This means that if you want to teach in a secondary school, you’ll need a degree in the topic you wish to teach; for example, to be considered for a job as a Mathematics teacher, you’ll need a degree in Mathematics.

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2. Teaching Diploma

In South Africa, obtaining a teaching diploma is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to become a professional teacher. Anyone who qualifies can enroll in any of South Africa’s diploma teaching courses at a vocational or teaching school.

The good news is that you can specialize from the start and choose whatever subjects you want to teach. In South Africa, a teaching diploma takes roughly 18 months to complete. You may want to apply as an education assistant on completion of the training. 

3. Bachelor Of Education Degree

This is the quickest and most straightforward route to becoming a teacher in South Africa, particularly if you are a citizen or permanent resident. You will need to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in education for 4 years, depending on the plan you choose for your studies. While this instantly qualifies you to teach in South Africa, you can always supplement it with a two-year honours degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate. If you want to teach in a tertiary institution, this is a good idea.

4.Three To Four (3-4) Years Degree And 1-Year PGCE

This is a step up from a bachelor’s degree and is recommended if you want to specialize in teaching a particular subject. The disciplines you picked for your four-year degree must be covered by the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). If you follow this course, you should be able to work as a professional high school teacher in a specified subject.

It’s crucial to note that passing these steps alone will not provide you permission to teach in South Africa. In other words, you must obtain a license before being recognized as a professional teacher in South Africa.

5. Register With South African Council For Educators (SACE)

You must register with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) once you have become a qualified and certified teacher or have the Certificates that allow you to teach in South Africa. This is a requirement before you may be hired as a teacher.

You must submit a fully completed application form, present your identity card, an up-to-date police clearance certificate, and pay the registration cost to the South African Council of Educators (SACE).

All educators working in South African schools, both public and private, must be registered with SACE (the South African Council of Educators). Working as a teacher without a license is prohibited.

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What is the registration fee for SACE?

For South African nationals, the registration fee is normally approximately R200, while for non-South African citizens, it is usually around R400.

Furthermore, to apply for SACE registration, non-South Africans will have to submit;

  1. Proof of employment by a school in South Africa
  2. A work permit allowing you to teach in South Africa
  3. An evaluation report for employment in education obtained from the Department of Basic Education:
  4. An evaluation report from SAQA
  5. Proof of permanent residence in South Africa
  6. Non-South African identity document
  7. Letter of good ethical and/or professional standing from Council for Educators or Department of Education in your country of origin.
  8. Certified copy of your marriage certificate (optional).
  9. Proof of legal entry into South Africa. This could be a passport and visa, asylum seekers or refugees permit (permits must be valid when submitted).

What Is the Processing Time For SACE Registration?

If you are a South African citizen, your registration will take six weeks.
For non-South African citizen, the registration will take three months.

Do you want to enroll for a teaching license in South Africa?

Here is a list of Teaching courses available in South Africa, along with their duration and costs:

List Of Top Teaching Courses In South Africa

Institute Name City Course Name Duration Course Fee
Centre For Creative Education Plumstead  Early Childhood Development Level 4 2 Years R20,000 per year
Cornerstone Institute Cape Town Postgraduate Certificate In Education In Foundation Phase Teaching Two Years R12000
International House Johannesburg Johannesburg Celta 120 Hours Over 4 Weeks R18,100
Montessori Center South Africa Mowbray Higher Certificate 18-months R30 250
Study Celta English Teacher Training Cape Town Celta 4 Weeks R18,100
Teachers Learning Center Johannesburg NQF Level 4  12-18 Months  R21000
Tefl Sa (Pty) Ltd Durban TEFL Course  20-hour / 2 Days R3,090
The International English School Cape Town TEFL Course 10 Weeks (120 In Class Hours) R9 500 
Stadio School Of Education Durban Higher Certificate In Pre-school Education (NQF Level 5) 1 Year R51 500 
Varsity College Sandton Postgraduate Certificate 2 Year R60,000

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What Is A Teaching License?

A teaching license is a professional credential that allows you to work lawfully as a teacher in a specific area. A teaching license can mean different things depending on where you’re from.

You’ll normally receive a certificate as a licensed teacher that allows you to teach either a specified grade level or a specific subject matter.

What Does A Teaching License Entails?

A teaching license is the certificate that allows you to legally work as a teacher in a certain area (in both foreign nations and your local state, province, or country).

The proper governing authority in your native state, or any country, will usually accredit your teaching license. Teaching licenses are frequently, if not always, a fundamental need for foreign schools or programs wishing to hire international teachers.

Is It True That A Teaching License Expires?

Yes. It’s critical to understand the rules for keeping your teaching license current. Your teaching license, like other professional licenses, will expire after a specific length of time, so you’ll need to renew it from time to time.

Why do I need a teaching license?

  1. A teaching license is an essential need for all trained teachers.
  2. As an educator, you’ll require a teaching license for a variety of reasons:
  3. It allows you to earn more money. Getting your teaching license is an easy approach to automatically raise your wages and reach the upper end of that salary range.
  4. It expands the number of teaching positions available. A major percentage of schools will not hire teachers who do not hold a teaching license.
  5. Getting your teaching license is the simplest way to open more doors and allow you to be considered for many more opportunities as a teacher than you would otherwise be.
  6. Keep in mind that schools that only hire licensed teachers typically pay significantly more.

What is the duration of Teaching certification in South Africa?

Teaching courses in South Africa last on average 120 hours or 1-2 years, depending on the type of certification. Some certifications are more lengthy than others.

How much does teaching certification cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, the average cost of teaching lessons is R26,354 for all programs, including those lasting more than one year.

What is a teacher’s salary in South Africa?

Teacher earnings in South Africa average $20,426 per month.

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Why Obtain Teaching License In South Africa

  1. If you decide to relocate, you can use your license to teach.
  2. Teachers with a valid teaching license can simply return to their native countries, bringing their international experience and credentials with them.
  3. You will be a more competitive candidate for a teaching position if you have a teaching license.
  4. International teaching is a fiercely competitive field. Out of thousands of applications, you have a better chance of getting the job if you have a license.
  5. Additionally, you will improve as a teacher. This is because if you put in the effort and complete a full-licensing program, you will get a great deal of knowledge.

Summary – Becoming A Licensed Teacher In South Africa

Having a license after earning the requisite degrees is a terrific method to improve your teaching skills. Hours of educational training are included in all licensing programs, as well as the opportunity to learn from more experienced professional teachers. Even if obtaining the license is difficult, it is critical for your professional progress. It is unlawful to teach in South Africa without a teaching license, thus if you live in the country, having a teaching license is a must.

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